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Kind of a romantic pendant that I have named after a street dog I call Romeo. He's stolen my heart.
Components: Metal beads and discs. 2mm crystals. 11/0 cream seed beads. 24 guage wire.

Teardrop Angels

Create sweet little angels to hang on your tree, use as a pendant, or hang on your rearview mirror. These are just ideas to spark your imagination.

Preparing for Church Bazaar

Church bazaar coming up in October so I’m making a variety of rosaries, pocket rosaries & rosary bracelets. The aqua is Swarovski made with...

This and That

This is party season... Birthdays, graduation, showers, end of school ... Time for jewelry-making has sadly been limited so I've been making...
Components: Wrap bracelet: Czech glass seed beads and various clear glass beads, silver faceted beads, Amazonite drops, labradorite rounds, rainbow moonstone, and faceted apatite. Earrings: silver plated 18g wire, light amethyst energy tubes, silver lined seed beads. Triangle earrings: selenite, multi moonstone, sky blue impression jasper in 2 sizes. Drops: Amazonite teardrops on silver plated 22g wire. Half moon earrings: mini silver plated paperclip chain, Apatite, peach moonstone, acrylic half rounds (I think the color is "garden party"). All from LB except the Czech glass.

We weep with you Uvalde

I was looking through my focal drawer and just started crying for those precious little children in Uvalde. They’ll never build another snowman,...
Components: Love, peace and prayer to the families and friends of these children and the teachers who gave their lives trying to defend them.

Fly fishing lure #1

Ok ladies- this is my first attempt at making a fishing lure- you may ask why? I have no idea, except to say guys always ask at the craft shows "do...
Components: #1 hook because it would catch bigger fish. Our lake is huge. Marabou feathers and neck hackle. Fishing line, seed beads silver wire that I think was too thin.

Fooling Around

LRC had me thinking about what was in my stash - so I had a look. First is the spider necklace. So simple - spider on a chain with a magnetic...
Components: Spider and chain, Silver plated rhinestone clasp 12 mm, 11/0 seed beads - spring green, 10 mm glass red disc, Gold plated findings and earwires, 25 mm venus fly trap beads - 2 sided, Bracelets 2 part resin, peace - white ribbon with stickers from the dollar store and small domed beads that look flat now and peace written with wire, next a pink and gold bracelet made with washi tape, the third one has alcohol ink dropped into the resin - an oval instead of a circle

Chakra and Awe

Hi Beaders - A lot of great designs from this group in the last few weeks!!! I'm playing with beading wire lately. Also some Amazonite
Components: Bracelets: (1) dark amethyst 3mm faceted rounds, little Herkimer diamonds, silver plated spacers, (2) 4mm chakra mix bicones, Herkimer diamonds, Moonstone (rainbow), silver plated saucer spacers, Amoracast Sterling Silver Lotus Connector 10x8mm as a charm. Necklace: blue chalcedony rounds, 3mm faceted garnets, smokey Czech glass rondelles, silver plated tiny paperclip chain.

A Moth In The Wine

More practicing. Heady pendant. I guess it's ok. It's asymmetrical and I admire all of you who do that, but somehow I never get it just as it...
Components: Various guages of craft wire. A topaz quartz faceted stone. Some Moonstone beads.


My friend Tracy has been subtly hinting that her "jeweler" hasn't been doing much lately, and she has mentioned wanting an amythst pendant. I had 3...
Components: 20 and 24 guage gold toned wire. Teardrop amythst. Faceted marquis cut lemon quarts gemstone.

Rock On!

Just trying different things!
Components: 1. 18g gold square wire, 21g gold half round wire and a hexagon crystal. 2. 16g black wire, 24g black wire and a black glass AB bead.

Merry Christmas Lima Beads

Lima beads has been my inspiration. Not only have you given us this forum, you’ve created many inspiring pieces- right there along with us.
Components: You’ve provided for us a place of quality and affordable supplies. We can’t thank you enough! The poem is Ralph W.Emerson

They're Baaack!

Sounds ominous doesn't it? Eydis and Bjorn wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. They even have a little glass of...

There are no words

No words
Components: No words, just prayers!

The best I love you gift ever!

This was an I love you gift from my hubby. I had mentioned them in passing. I was so excited when it came! Like a kid in a candy shop!
Components: Padded bead board by MSW on Etsy. It’s 10 x 14.

Dolls Love Jewelry Too!

If you think Barbie or any of the posh Fashion Integrity dolls are satisfied with a simple string of pearls, think again. I use many of the same...
Components: Seed beads, crystals, Tierra Cast charms, small gemstones, tiny chain, etc.

Don’t make this mistake

I was attempting to clean a clasp in a tarnish remover liquid. In only a second , I glanced up and my hand dropped down- thus the aqua terra agate...
Components: Beads, tarnish cleaner and words I should not have said!

Permission to play

What inspired me? Boredom. And I wanted to use up the polymer clay from the pendants. Then I had to get my ink to do the beads. And started in on...
Components: Polymer clay, acrylic bead caps, patina paint and alcohol ink. I’ll seal them with diamond glaze - if I can find it in this bead room- it’s a disaster!

Kalideocycle 2

Ok - I gave away my first kalideocycle so I decided to make another.
From wikipedia -
"History -
Wallace Walker coined the word kaleidocycle in...
Components: 11/0 seed beads - Toho, Delicas, and round

Long time/no see

It’s been a long time since I beaded- but I decided to do the local “winter market” in November, so thought I better get busy. The quirky...
Components: Pendants are touch of glass. Lots of delica’s, Swarovski crystals, fire line, super duos.

Gentle Rosary

The tourminalated quartz beads are fascinating, crystals of tourmaline in clear, or cloudy quartz. Job's tears have been used as prayer beads by...
Components: This rosary features sterling silver crucifix with John and Mary, a replica of a European one from around 1920, it has also replicated the wear the original had so it feels like it has been prayed for years. The center is a miraculous medal also of sterling silver, a replica from an actual center. The aves are 6mm tourminalated quartz rounds LB, the Pater beads are the Asian grain seed called Job's Tears LB, the jump rings are silver plated jump rings also LB, the wire is silver satin SoftFlex medium LB, the crimp beads are HEAVY sterling silver (wish LB carried these 2x2 mm tubes).

Driveway Jewelry

Finally finished this one(and got to a reliable internet connection to post it). All the pendant stones were plucked from our driveway. Some were...
Components: Main: 16g and 20g antique copper Parawire, 2mm and 8mm round hematite, found petrified wood. Others: Parawire in assorted gauges/colors, Beadalon sq wire, micro crystals, ribbon, and found stones.

Sari Silk Gift Wrap

Just by using sari silk, tassels, and gemstone pendants, you can easily make your gifts stand out! I wrapped these gifts with plain brown Kraft...


This is the first time I've made a Rosary. It isn't jewelry as it's a sacred item. However, I'm not Catholic and I had to do a bit of research and...
Components: 4mm sapphire (LB) aquamarine 4mm (LB) sterling silver wire (22 gauge) and sterling silver crucifix and sterling silver connector


OK - I know this is crazy but I had the door knocker and it definitely reminded me of the story.

A Christmas Carol
"Marley was dead, to begin...
Components: Wood - sanded and stained, Brass door knocker, seed beads- green and red, silly weights for the chain, some green daggers, a brass Cross for finding Christmas

Eydis and Bjorn?

'Nother Gnew Gnome. I think they're in love.
Components: Knitted scarf. wooden bead, green beads - 2mm 3mm 4mm 6mm, 2 bellflowers

Gnew Gnome

Almost 8 inches tall from his seat to the top of his hat. 6 inch long legs. I know it's not jewelry but he has a large wooden bead for his nose and...
Components: Acrylic scarf, 12mm wooden bead. 11/0 orange seed beads

Gnome 2

Ok This is getting silly. Made this one for my daughter. Only used hot glue to hold the components to the pin. It is all sewn.
Components: 8mm bead, faux fur, scarf (acrylic)


Each year I purchase Advent calendars that are downloaded to computers. I get them for myself and relatives. They're from Jacquie Lawson -such a...
Components: Old scarf, bead, leaf, hot glue

Pastel snowbird

I had several requests for these pins last weekend. I had made them for last years winter market. So I promised they’d be at the nutcracker show,...
Components: Snow bead ( I love these), Gaea bird, multi beryl chain and silver chain. Czech glass flowers ( all LB).

Mermaid eyeglass Lanyard

I love the little mermaid Czech beads. I thought they would look lovely in a mermaid eyeglasses lanyard. I think they are so cute so I added...
Components: 1. Czech Glass Bisque Picasso w/ Turquoise Mermaid 27x8mm 2. Czech Glass T(any ocean color) Dragonfly Coin 17mm 3. Findings for lanyard are silver plate and found here at Lima's 4. Czech Glass White Picasso w/ Turquoise Cruller 7x10mm beads. 5. Small colored turtles, pearls, an assortment of turquoise beads. 6. Some fancy scalloped endcaps. 7. Beadalon Bright .018" 7 Strand Wire 8. Silverplated eyeglass holders with black rubber grips--not found at Limas but easily found. 9. The large pearls are Swarovski® crystals, iridescent light blue pearl, 10mm round. and the little round blue ones are Swarovski also. 10. You can find the turtles almost anywhere and the circular beads came with the turtles in a grab bag sorta thing. 11. This is very easy to make. You start at one eyeglass holder and attach it to wire and then string your beads and end by attaching another eyeglass holder. It is nice and light. It is just a fun way to use the mermaids and that is why I made it.

Sari Face Mask Lanyard

Lanyards are a great way to keep your mask accessible at all times without touching it. This sari lanyard is soft and comfortable to wear. The...

Beaded Face Mask Lanyard

I love the idea of mask chains, but I also wanted to make something colorful & more unique than just plain chain. So I decided on this beaded...

Face Mask Chain Using Bead or Paperclip Chain

The chains are a great way to keep your mask accessible at all times without touching it.

The Days Grow Long

Saw all of the leaves hanging and falling so I made a brooch. So much fun.
Components: Many colors of 11/0 seed beads.

Orphan bead makeover

My daughter-in-love is a web wizard by day and cookie designer by night. She asked me to make her a couple cookie scribes to do detailing on her...
Components: Stash beads with large holes, I used turkey baster stainless steel ties and also found some with a ball top. They are about 2mm, so need large whole beads I used the large silicone earring backs for the stopper beads and wool/felt balls for the end( they’re super sharp so not intended for little kids). Anyhoo, another fun project.

A Test Piece with Plans and Pliers

OK Students. Gather round. This pleated piece of copper is a test strip that is tightly folded.

I made it several days ago but didn't take the...
Components: 26ga copper, illustration of folding technique, various pliers

Samplers for Robin

The question you asked about my last necklace got me thinking so I made a few samplers. The first ones are 3 bead herringbone- 6/0 seed beads, 8/0...
Components: 8/0 seed beads - silk lilac, pink, blue, o Orange, silk green, 6/0 seed beads -blues and orange 3 mm AB light topaz copper tiles and superduos

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