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A Test Piece with Plans and Pliers

OK Students. Gather round. This pleated piece of copper is a test strip that is tightly folded.

I made it several days ago but didn't take the...
Components: 26ga copper, illustration of folding technique, various pliers

Samplers for Robin

The question you asked about my last necklace got me thinking so I made a few samplers. The first ones are 3 bead herringbone- 6/0 seed beads, 8/0...
Components: 8/0 seed beads - silk lilac, pink, blue, o Orange, silk green, 6/0 seed beads -blues and orange 3 mm AB light topaz copper tiles and superduos

Tiny Dancer Bag Charm

For this design, I used some of my favorite beads to create this super cute little bag charm! I love how easy these are to make, and that you can...

Noreena Jasper

This is a Noreena Jasper, also known as Australian Red Picture Jasper. I will wear it with a chain or leather cord.
Components: Noreena Jasper, gold and copper wires


Kitty knew I was looking for Merlinite. She surprised me with this is one of my birthday presents from her. I think the bottom wire...
Components: Merlinite, hematite, silver, gold, rose gold and copper wires

Playing with clay

I was totally inspired by the colorful LB main page. It’s always so full of colorful fun designs. It’s been over a year since I worked with...
Components: I used soft polymer clay, transfer sheets, antiquing paint, and diamond glaze. Next step is creating!

The Lady and the Sprite

If you look closely at the lady's right shoulder, you will see a winged figure. Maybe you would call it a sprite, a fairy, or an angel. The wires...
Components: Black lip shell carved cameo, rose gold and gold wires.

Self portrait

I was looking at the” fun with felt section” on LB and just thought I’d have some fun. I have to work on lips and no that’s not hair on her chin,...
Components: Felt and seed beads

Using my stash

Cleaning my bead room is like laundry-never ending. I’ve been throwing all the extra beads in mason jars because I can’t see just throwing them...
Components: Wool felt, seed beads, wool thread and DMC thread, buttons and assorted decorations, fiber fill, ribbon. Some patterns from Etsy and some I just winged it🙃

Wire wrapped quartz

Wire wrapped quartz pendant
Components: Quartz crystal, stainless steel 24 gauge, and smoky quartz 28 gauge

Orange sardonyx

Orange sardonyx pendant.
I wanted to try something different. My Mama wire's wraps a lot of her pendants, so I thought I would give it a try....
Components: Orange sardonyx oval pendant Gold wire 20 Gold wire 22 Gold wire 24

Stones of Remembrances

Since this is Memorial Day, I thought it would be nice to post my Poppy Jasper mala. It is a stone of remembrance. The guru bead (from Lima) and...
Components: Poppy Jasper guru bead, Poppy Jasper beads, 1mm C-lon black thread, black/gold tassel

Sardonyx Mala

All of the materials are from Lima. I purchased the guru bead first and then the beads. I was at a yoga studio for a SPCA fund raiser, and a one if...
Components: Sardonyx guru bead, sardonyx beads, c-lon 1mm black cord

Summer Keychains

Cute keychains for summer inspired by the beautiful beachy colors of these seaglass pieces!
Components: Recycled glass potato chip pendants, silver plated charms and various beads on split ring keychains


My brother made a resin pendant from shop scraps;I asked if I could wrap it; he gave it to me;I set it to the side for later(day or 2 ago)....
Components: Resin and walnut pendant, Parawire: 22g bright copper(natural), 22g antique copper, 22g half-round antique copper

Ruby Line Quartz Set

Loved this bright color of these beads and I am hoping my Customer's do as well!
Components: Using 8 mm and 6 mm ruby line agates and a ruby line agate heart pendant.

Orange sardonyx

I purchased the orange sardonyx from Lima Beads. I love the colors!
Components: Orange sardonyx, brass and antique brass wires and rose gold wire for the weaving.

Freeform agate

This is a freeform agate that I purchased from Lima Beads. I had my first wire weaving and cage class 2 weeks ago. This is my 6th piece that I have...
Components: Freeform agate, brass and antique brass wires, and copper wire for weaving.

Tiny wire wrapped gems

I am a beginner at wire wrapping this is my second and third wire wrapped pieces. One is a Howlite with black wires. The other is a Paintbrush...

Sanibel Island Anklet

For this design, I did a simple square knot with hemp and knotted in the cowrie shells as I went. I made this as an anklet, but I also think it...

North Pole Felt Trivet

These felt pieces are great for creating endless holiday projects! This festive trivet would make a great centerpiece on your table. It can be made...

Mystery Tree for Winter

Decorated my Mystery Tree for winter. Did this to announce the posting of my website. Please see my profile. Thank you all for egging me on.
Components: Bead tree made with goldstone beads from LB and various other beads. Oh - and a little snowman pin.

Atlantis Cowl

I think this is a great way to use the new sari silk cord. One skein can create two shorter cowls or one that is double layered. This is a great...

Mystery Tree

I have these beautiful goldstone beads from LB so I decided to use them to make an unadorned tree. Added leaves and flowers (just laid them on the...
Components: LB - Goldstone 6mm hearts, and 3 x 14 mm tubes, 11/0 seed beads -brick colored, czech glass flowers-red, translucent green and gold leaves.

Winter Wonderland Pin

This is a fun way to dress up your coat or favorite sweater for the season, without being too tacky!

I used a head pin to attach the felt round,...

Pin Me Up Scotty

I think this pin and a chunky sweater are the perfect match for fall style.

Wire-Wrapped Felt Rounds

I wanted to show how you can easily make a bead link out of felt rounds.

Raffia Tassel Keyring

These raffia tassels are perfect for adding some color to your key ring!

Nassa Shell Anklet

Attach these shell charms to your favorite bead chain for an on-trend anklet or bracelet.

Square Knot Keychain

This keychain is made with a simple square knot and your favorite cord.

Amethyst Dreamcatcher

This dreamcatcher pendant is simple to make, and can be used as a window hanging, a rearview mirror hanging, or as a necklace.


I made this copper wire spiral just to see how big I could make it. It's about 5 inches in diameter and is made with 12ga wire. Now that I've...
Components: 12ga copper electrical wire

Wildflower Hairpins

With just some wire and your favorite Czech glass or gemstone beads, you can easily create your own unique hairpins.

Finished Kaliedeocycle

Finally finished it. I had all ready made the six triangles that are symmetrical so I decided to just use them instead of making 6 more. As you can...
Components: 11/0 seed bead


Watched a youtube video about Kalideocycles - Contemporary Geometric Beadwork by Kate McKinnon. My version is not yet complete but the thing is...
Components: 11/o seed beads - blue, Pink, brick, yellow, dark yellow, orange

Repurposed Picture Frame

I found a cheap, ugly frame at the dollar store and proceeded to jack it up with different shades of gold, textured paper, gems and bead caps, wire...
Components: Let your imagination be your guide here. I surrounded the picture with twisted brass wire, which I twist with the help of an electric drill and a vise. I held it in place with glue-gun glue. Super glue becomes too brittle for heavier placements.

Feather Lamp

Another repurposed piece. Old lamp and shade which I had fun with.
Components: Handmade tissue paper, dyed feathers and textured paper, gossamer ribbon, handmade tassel, metallic paints and carnival beads, all applied at organized random.

Fairy Ribbon & Crystal Halo

The crystal bead links on this fairy ribbon halo really make it sparkle, and would make a great accessory for your flower girl!

Fairest of Them All Journal

I enjoy journaling, as well as drawing and painting, so I created this fun journal with heavy weight watercolor paper. This one is more of a coffee...
Components: Paper, paper, paper. I make my own tissue and decorate it with gold paint patterns, pasted to textured paper that I buy. I then raid my junk box for brass and copper wire, findings, beads and chain and have at having fun.