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Follow along with step-by-step beading projects and share your designs with beaders around the world—it’s quick & easy!

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Everything Soochow

One of my favorite gemstones is Antique Soochow Jade. I got out all my different sizes and shapes, added some new wire techniques I've been trying...
Components: Weave Got Maille jump rings for the Twist of Fate chainmaille weave, 20 and 24 gauge Artistic Wire, Antique Soochow Jade 4mm rounds, 6mm rounds, 8mm rounds, 13×4mm tubes, and a 12mm square. All from Lima Beads.

Work table rings

I saw a tutorial on you tube for these rings. I want to do a necklace, so thought I would practice with some small projects. Oh boy, these 11/0’s...
Components: 11/0 delica’s, fire line 4 lb.

Kaleidoscope Necklace

I love a layered look, and I especially love the look of paperclip chain, so for this design I layered a few different styles of chain and added in...

Serenity Garden Necklace

For this design, I paired seed beads with an amazonite drop to create a simple ladder-style necklace.

Cobalt and rose gold

It’s the color. I dropped a rose gold bead on a dark blue silk, and fell in love with the combination. Next thing you know I was scrolling through...
Components: African glass cobalt rings, Czech glass matte sapphire daggers, and a lot of beating of copper wire.

Up-cycled pretty

I was inspired by Khristin’s gorgeous beaded chain....
With a gift of a broken necklace of amethyst stones.
Components: Amethyst stones, silver plated wire, silver dollar charm.

Another Mixed Media

I made these mixed media ...necklace and bracelet...for me. I'm not sure if they are saleable...and they are really me. I got the two hearts as...
Components: ceramic hearts, Carnelian nuggets, sari silk, rubber ring, African bead, Czech glass, Earth spirit charm, copper chain, piece of leather, printed cord and large hole blue/gold beads

Blue Flowering Vine Necklace

19 ½ inches long

A blue flowering vine with green leaves wraps around the middle of this necklace. It has a very feminine dainty look.
Components: Seed beads 11/0 - Blue, Dark Bronze, 3 mm rounds - Light Tan and Frosted Light Topaz, Glass Flowers -5 x 2 mm Blue, Gold plated bead caps, LB - TierraCast Gold (plated) Bar and Ring Toggle Clasp 15 x 12 mm, 18mm bar

Drunken Sailor Take 2

Wire wrapped bracelet. This is more of what I had in mind when I created Drunken Sailor Take 1. This stone is such a beauty that I had to do my...
Components: 16 and 26 guage silver toned wire. Sea Sediment Jasper cabochon. 6 6mm rondells, green, and 6 of silver. 6 4mm silver rounds.

Honey, I’m home😳

Remember the movie "The Shining"? I can relate-this past week has been a nightmare in Houston. Temps in the teens and no power. Anyhoo... I made...
Components: Pre made hoops, seed beads and copper colored pearls. I've attempted to download this at least 6 times-go figure

Spring Bloom

This focal is one more pendant that was in Robin's box.
Components: ceramic pendant, Czech Glass, Green Aventurine, Yellow Opal, Citrine, Chrysoprase, Prehnite, Farfalle, copper chain and hook

Welcome To Spring

I got an idea last use these funky Green Moss Opal beads I got a while back. I had made some earrings with the better ones, and these...
Components: Green Moss Opals, Turquoise rondelle, White Agate, Aqua Chalcedony, Prehnite nugget, ceramic beads, Green Turquoise, glass beads, silver spacers, Saki toggle, Rose Quartz, paper bead, Crystal Quartz, Czech glass, Pink Opalite, ceramic bead and Silver lobster


Lima's crossword puzzle sale is always so much fun. So is creating with the wonderful items I purchase. I look forward to it every year.
Components: Pearl focal link (LB), Peridot nuggets (LB), 4mm Peridot faceted round (LB), hummingbird charm (LB), and Weave Got Maille jump rings for the chainmaille weave.

Perla Bracelet

This classic pearl bracelet with gold accents was designed by Becky Nunn.

Punkt Earrings

These modern, elegant earrings were designed by Becky Nunn.

Inspirar Earrings

These sleek & simple earrings were designed by Becky Nunn.

Rosario Necklace

This simple, sleek necklace was designed by Becky Nunn.

Mezzo Ovale Necklace

These new flat tags can be assembled for a simple, clean aesthetic. Necklace design by Becky Nunn.

Captiosus Earrings

These fun, easy-to-wear earrings were designed by Becky Nunn.

Rosado Bracelet

This Czech glass bracelet with gold accents was designed by Becky Nunn.

Energia Bracelet

This simple, modern bracelet stack was designed by Becky Nunn.

Naturaleza Necklace

This nature inspired charm necklace was designed by Becky Nunn.

Sol Dorado Necklace Set

I love these new Czech Glass sun coins- they're perfect for adding a simple focal piece to your designs! For this necklace set, I paired them with...

Viribus Necklace

This simple, modern necklace was designed by Becky Nunn.

Crazy Disc Necklace

Found these silly discs in my stash and decided they're better off where I can see them. So this it what I came up with.
Components: Seed beads 11/0 - Opaque Medium Blue, 8 mm orange discs, 4 x 12 mm Orange/ Cobalt Beads with Orange Stripes, Glass Flowers -7 x 3 mm Yellow, 4 x 4 x 4 mm Cobalt Cubes, Gold filled crimp covers, LB - TierraCast Gold (plated) Bar and Ring Toggle Clasp 16x12, 19mm bar

Random Acts of Kindness

I made this specifically for today, which is Random Acts of Kindness Day! I am gifting this to someone special who really needs some extra...
Components: Sterling silver wire, kyanite (LB), PMC3 fine silver, 24k accent gold for silver

Swirling Thoughts

Wire wrapped earrings. The technique is finger swirling. It's not too hard. I added a couple of pictures in progress. You just add your dangle bead...
Components: 20 guage gold tone wire. 2 drop beads. 2 6mm rondells. 4 4mm rondells. 2 more 4mm rondells if you want to make the ear wires. Or a pair of ear wires if you don't.

Knot Alone!

I was cleaning up today and thought, I need to make something. I really needed to make something for a sweet employee who is leaving to complete...
Components: Czech Glass Blue Suede Shoes Twisted Rice 9x6mm, copper toggle from stash, Carnelian Round 6mm and 8mm, Pyrite Round 6mm, Czech Glass 7mm Hibiscus Flower beads, TierraCast Antique Copper (plated) Beaded Heishi w/ Rings 5mm, TierraCast Antique Copper (plated) Beaded Heishi 5mm, Brazil Sodalite Round 3-5mm, Brecciated jasper 5mm round, Czech glass tear drop 4x6mm in a matte siam, I think, mini daggers in a red picasso and Dark Rust Irish Waxed Linen 4 ply

Dreaming of Spring

It's so white outside. I was thinking about the lovely colors of spring and decided to make a 3 strand necklace. It has a wide comfortable band...
Components: Seed beads 11/0 - Three shades of green and tangerine, Bellflowers - 6.5 mm - Iris and Amethyst, Bellflowers - 12 mm - Fuchsia/Lemon, Glass Flowers -7 x 3 mm Yellow, 6 mm -Amethyst Faceted Glass mix, 3.4 mm Matte Orange Drops, 5 x 7 mm pips - Emerald Green, 3 x 10 mm daggers - Emerald Green, TierraCast Gold (plated) Bar and Ring Toggle Clasp 18 x 13 mm, 16mm bar

BIG Beads

I had no idea these Orbicular Jasper were going to be so big! I wasn't going to post again ....maybe I've posted too much lately. These beads are...
Components: Orbicular Jasper, Coffee Bean Jasper, Farfalle, white spacers, brass pendant, sari silk and waxed linen.

Drunken Sailor Take One

I'm trying to master a little more advanced work. This is take one because it isn't all it should be, but I thought I'd share the adventure with...
Components: Crafting wire, square. Focal stone. This one I bought on a strand here at LB, but I don't remember the name.

Winter Paint Pony

This is my tribute to winter this year. I think we all buy some on-the-spot items when we are visiting our local craft stores, and this pony was...
Components: White Agate, Natural Agate, Magnesite. Bracelet also includes: Green Girl button, glass crystals, Czech seed beads, TierraCast ring, waxed linen, leather

Double Netted Necklace

Made this necklace using 2 different stitches. I had the melon colored faceted cat's eye beads in 2 sizes and wanted to use both.
Components: Seed beads 11/0 - Lustered Lagoon, Rainbow Topaz, 8/0 Seed beads - Tangerine 4 mm and 6 mm Faceted Round Cat’s eye beads - Melon, 8mm Gold Plated Caps, LB - TierraCast Gold (plated) Bar and Ring Toggle Clasp 16x12, 19mm bar

Sticks & Stones & Bones

Just finished! Don't you love when a piece comes together easily? Black lava 'sticks' with turquoise colored howlite spikes and nuggets, a few pops...

Think Spring

Pink and green are always a great combo for me...the first two are very Spring like. The last represents me going crazy with sari silk! I have a...
Components: enameled earring charms, Prehnite, pink Lampworked beads, Czech glass, Lucite links, copper hoops, sari silk and copper earwires

Knotted Necklace & Bracelet

This design was created by one of our amazing order team members, Lindsay! You may remember Lindsay from our anklet challenge as the winner. She...

The color Copper

Copper leaf leads the way to a fun fair of happy colors!
Components: Czechs beads, copper focal, strung on 4ply waxed linen with a leather neck and copper button! Also a variety of 6mm gem stones!

Stuff Happens

I had already designed a necklace around this Kyanite pendant, when I noticed a piece had broken off the bottom. I let LB know, and right away they...
Components: Kyanite pendant, Quartz Crystal, Solar Quartz, sari silk, vintage Lucite links and silver chain

Lima treasure

Do you remember Elaina's recent post with these gorgeous pendant stones? I quickly bought a pair and decided to pair them with oxidized copper...
Components: Amazonite and Pyrite mosaic teardrops, copper wire.

Asymmetrical Symmetry

Made this necklace using cylindrical seed beads instead of round. I used Tohos, and Delicas. I was surprised that they both worked so well...
Components: 11/0 seed beads - Lustered Light Beige, Rainbow Topaz, Forest Green. Matte Orange and Blue Turquoise