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Follow along with step-by-step beading projects and share your designs with beaders around the world—it’s quick & easy!

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Sparkle Plenty

I made these to give as gifts this year. A set of 12 crystal chandelier pieces are very inexpensive on Amazon. I added silver solder tinning...
Components: 18 gauge silver plated wire, crystals and glass beads.

Snowflakes for Christmas

For several years, I've enjoyed making snowflakes for Christmas as decorations and gifts. Last year I laid a couple on top of each other to make...
Components: Snowflake wires from Lima in 3.5"; 6"; and 9". (This particular design is a 6" wired onto a 9".) Your choice of beads to create your one of kind project. I really enjoy using crystals and glass pearls as they shimmer wherever you put them.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Saw these tree focals on your site and thought id customize them to make an ornament for each of my daughters.
Components: Zola Elements Patina Green Brass Christmas Tree Focal, Toho size 11 glass beads in red, white & green, fine wire. Could be embellished with glued on beads.

Vintage Angel

This simple project is shabby chic! Create any size you like, even a large one would be a sweet tree topper.

Frozen Seas Icicle

Coastal inspired colors shine as this icicle sparkles in your window or on your Christmas tree. These icicles are simple to make and look...


All special orders...well liked.
Components: 18g colored copper wire, 12g stainless wire, misc beads

Who's pretty in pink?

I'm expanding my horizons past butterflies and dragonflies. With everything "owl" lately, I had to try it. I love the way this one came out! I'm...
Components: Colored 18g copper wire, stainless 12g wire, misc beads.

Beaded spiders

Having a little fun beaded spiders for Halloween!
Components: wire seed beads and glass beads

And all that jazz...

Always admired the beaded serving spoons that I've seen in gift stores. Even bought a beautiful pair of serving/salad spoons, but never gave it a...
Components: Glass beads, silver artisan craft wire, serving spoons

Disco the Caterpillar

Disco the Caterpillar likes to go out dancing and have a good time! Who wouldn't with crazy antennae like that! Check out our other critters at...

Galaxy the Caterpillar

Galaxy the Caterpillar is a fun little guy with lots of sparkle! Check out our other little creatures at

Purple Dragonfly

One of my first dragonflies. Love this little guy!

Autumn centipede

Centipedes are scary, but this one isn't!
Components: Beads, 24ga wire, 20ga wire

Jailbreak Spider

Spiders look evil. This one has done some crazy things. Enough so that he was thrown in jail. He escaped, however, but he can't get rid of the...
Components: 20ga artistic wire, 22ga artistic wire, beads


I am deathly afraid of spiders, but I find them to be so fascinating. I made this spider out of wire and beads, and it sparked my love for making...
Components: beads, 20ga artistic wire, 22ga artistic wire

Peacock Shoe Clips

I made these shoe clips for my daughter's peacock themed wedding last November. The wedding took place on the island of Tobago, next to Trinidad...
Components: Peacock feathers, Swarovski crystal & metal component, extra crystals & shoe clip blanks

Layla in the clouds

My daughter's friend wanted something from wire for her birthday. She asked for a cloud and I had to come up with something a teenager would like...
Components: Colored copper wire, misc beads

The Pink Elephant

I love a challenge! Ask for an elephant and you get an elephant! My new favorite!
Components: 16 gauge silver wire, 18 gauge pink copper wire, pink seed beads

God Bless Texas

Since I have lived in Nevada all my life, this one was kind of nerve wracking! Anybody that knows a Texan knows they take a lot of pride in their...
Components: Colored copper wire.

For the Love of Dragonflies

Everybody loves the dragonflies! Coming up with different designs is becoming a challenge!
Components: Colored copper wire, misc beads

Santas from the Wood

A couple of wooden beads, some steel wire, Renaissance wax, white glue and marker pen, all from my jewelry supplies. And some linen felt and sheep...

Hemp dream catcher art

This is a handcrafted hemp dream catcher. Made by Heath Hemp! Find us on Facebook.

Butterfly trails

My friend loved my dragonfly piece and wanted me to make her one. I knew she liked butterflies so I did this for her instead.
Components: Various gauge wire, misc beads

Moon child

My favorite so far. I'm a Cancer, a moon child. This is not what I had originally envisioned, but I love the way it turned out. I'm working on more...
Components: Various gauge wire, misc beads

Wired butterflies

Another wire project that just came together. Playing with wire, I came up with the butterflies, and the rest just followed.
Components: Various gauges of wire

Dragonfly fly away

This is my first piece. My boyfriend brought me some tig wire (welding wire) home one day saying he thought I could make something with it. I...
Components: Tig wire, 16 gauge wire, misc beads.

Beaded snowflake ornaments

Gift for my sister in law. Her new home first Christmas.
Components: Beads and wires works.

Christmas tree ornament

Made those for my children's teachers.
Beads and wire work.

Dragon Egg

I have been extremely broke this holiday season with my car in the shop too often and my husband's job being slow, which affects us both, because I...
Components: Polymer Clay, Seed beads for decoration, Paint, Satin glaze, and aluminum foil for the core

Sparkling Snowflake Ornaments

Making snowflake ornaments could not be easier using these great wire frames that come in 2 ideal sizes. All you need to do is pick some fab...

Fairy Door

My mom's birthday is on Saturday and I feel like I am constantly giving her jewelry. So, I wanted to do something a little different, and I had...
Components: Polymer Clay

Decorative Ceiling Fan Pull

A great little gift idea.....sparkles!

Heart Of Hearts Suncatcher

I love making hearts, but I have trouble getting them right. I'm pleased with the way this turned out. I also took 2 more photos of the crochet...
Components: Copper hearts, hammered and patina. Then wrapped in 18 gauge copper wire.Glass beads with tiny copper daisy spacers.

Triple Trees and Sun Witch

Another bit of wire creations I've been playing around with this summer. I'm going to try wire weaving next!!!! Hope I can do it, I've been...
Components: Amber colored wire(14 Gauge) and 24 copper wire. Bottom tree with Gold stone, the witch has citrine chips in her skirt and the top tree with carnilen chips.

Summer wire fun

I've been having fun playing with wire. The first is a Starfish Suncatcher.The second is my Sun Witch Suncatcher and last is a Tree Of Life...
Components: Copper wire, glass beads, and Garnet.

Beaded Fish

Our local bead shop owner found some beaded fish online and thought it would be something I would be interested in making. So here are my versions...
Components: Glass beads and #6 sead beads and 16 and 12 gauge wire.

Charlotte's Web

Had fun putting this together today. Remember Charlotte??
Components: 16 gauge copper wire, 24 gauge wire. Spider, czec crystals and glass sead beads.

Herringbone Flower

I'm working on a few projects, and trying to get my etsy and facebook pages going, on top of raising a very active toddler, so I haven't managed to...
Components: Toho seed beads, one-g thread, czech fire polished rounds-3mm and 4mm, all from LB

Wire wrapped Tree

I used to go to this great gallery and I saw these trees that was on display there and had always wanted to try to make one.So I finally (years...
Components: Agate stone, 24 gauge copper wire, howlite and turqouise chips.

Rustic Bird Ornament

Rustic Bird Ornament
Components: Bird Pendant - Lipstick Ranch, Tree House Bead - Humblebeads, Waxed Irish Linen, 8 glass size 11/0 seed beads, 6mm brass spacer