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In Chains Necklace

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I had my wheels turning for this piece ever sense Melanie showed me the pictures of these pieces. I wanted this necklace to look rich and dark and beautiful and then as you get closer, you see that the necklace is really a little twisted and creepy.

Supplies you’ll need:

  • 2 4' lengths of dark brown/black silk ribbon
  • 1 4' length of green/mauve silk ribbon
  • 18" heavy rectangle antique brass plated chain
  • 1 each of root skulls by Earthenwood
  • 1 pack each of disk heishi 4mm in antique brass plated and gunmetal
  • 3 8" lengths of wire
  • 1 4" length of wire
  • 1 antique brass plated swivel clasp

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1

Create links using 22g olive wire with gunmetal and antique brass disk heishis. Connect these to the root skulls and to the "rooted" ribbon.

Step 2

Braid ribbon to create a cord and then weave through the chain, wrapping around the links. Make sure to dab glue or epoy at the end knots and pendant connections.

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