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Summery Cork Bracelets

Summery Cork Bracelets
Summery Cork Bracelets

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Summery Cork Bracelets
Summery Cork Bracelets
Summery Cork Bracelets

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The great thing about this flat cork cord is that you can use it just like leather strap/lacing/flat cord. It glues, folds, knots, braids, punches just like the leather. The difference is that this flat cork cord is totally vegan! Even if you don't care about the vegan thing, the cork can bring a whole new texture to your designs.
The cork is very lightweight, making it ideal to use in wrap bracelets or for stacking multiple bracelets and cuffs on your wrist.

Supplies you’ll need:

Supplies Needed For All Bracelets:

  • super adhesive, fast drying
  • sharp scissors
  • seamstress measuring tape or ruler
  • your wrist, a wrist, or a bracelet mandrel

Silver Cuff Hook & Cork Bracelet:

  • cuff hook clasp
  • 12" 5mm cork flat cord, I used 9.5" in the end but my wrist measures at 6.5". You can always trim excess off before gluing, you can't add more :) Add 2" of cork for every inch longer you need to make your bracelet.
  • small rectangular charm holder slider for 10mm flat (remember you need to run 2 5mm cork widths through the slider)
  • bead & headpin to make a charm to drop from the slider

Mustard Seed Flower Cork Bracelet:

  • 10" 5mm cork flat cord, I used 6.5" of the cork in the end
  • dot magnetic clasp 17x7mm for 5mm flat cord
  • 2 mini floral square slider for 5mm flat cord
  • 2 6" lengths of 12-ply Irish waxed linen

Soaring Bird in Clouds Cork Bracelet:

  • 10" 10mm cork flat cord, I used 6.25" of the cork in the end
  • 9 A Beaded Gift Ivory Glass Mini Disc 12-14mm
  • 1 Czech Glass Oval w/ Soaring Bird 15x11mm
  • 36" of Irish Waxed Linen Dark Brown 7-ply (I like to use too mush than start with too little and have to redo my work)
  • 20" of Irish Waxed Linen Denim 7-ply or 4-ply

Step-by-Step Instructions:


Step 1

MEASURE!!! your wrist. For these "glue into the clasp" style bracelets where you don't need excess cork to fold over for riveting, you will want 1-2" over and above what your wrist measures. Since my wrist measures at 6", I typically like bracelets that are 7".


Step 2

Measure the recess depth of the clasp you are using, as well as the size of your clasp.


Step 3

Once you have the length of your cork figured out, slide your beads on and/or embellish your flat cork cord.


Step 4

Now it's time to test size your bracelet. Fit one end into your clasp recess, place around your wrist. How does it fit? if it's a little big, trim small snips off until you reach your desired size.


Step 5

Now that you are happy with the bracelet length, it's time to glue! Use caution, the super adhesive is watery and VERY sticky, you only need a couple drops into the recess of the clasp. Once you have dropped in the adhesive, swirl it around to coat the various sides of the recess.


Step 6

Working quickly, place the cork end into the clasp recess where you just applied the super adhesive.


Step 7

Apply firm pressure to secure the cork into the clasp, holding for about a minute. Repeat gluing steps for the opposing side. I would wait a day for everything to set before wearing.


Step 8

There are a couple different steps when using the cuff hook clasps. The first is to double over the cork so that once it's glued into the clasp you have an open loop available to catch on the hook portion of the clasp.


Step 9

Once you have the cork doubled over, slide on the slide bead, pulling it 1/2" from the edge of the loop.


Step 10

Catch the cork loop onto the hook and wrap the bracelet on your wrist to size, sticking the ends of your cork into the recess in the clasp. How does it fit? When the fit is right, proceed to gluing as described above, otherwise trim excess small snips one at a time, fitting to your wrist again until the size is right.

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