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The Design Gallery

Follow along with step-by-step beading projects and share your designs with beaders around the world—it’s quick & easy!


Itsy Bezel Ring

About this design:

Designer: Haylee Troncone
Haylee shows a creative way to embellish this small bezel ring/bracelet. Follow Nunn Design's Step by Step instructions below to make this ring.

What you’ll need: (buy products below)

Supplies Needed: Ring Hammered Itsy Circle Ring or Bangle Bracelet Flat Large with Bezel Crystal Clay-Black Ball Chain Antique Silver Turquoise Chatons Others: Wet-wipes Toothpick or headpin Tools: Flush Cutter Pliers

Additional Images:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1:
Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the handling and mixing of the Crystal Clay. While wearing gloves, pinch off two equal sized balls of Part A and Part B and blend together fully until the clay is no longer marbled and uniform in color. You have approximately 90-120 minutes of working time before the clay starts to harden, so take your time. Once the clay is thoroughly mixed, remove your gloves to make it easier to work with the clay.
Step 2:
Pinch off a small lentil sized ball of the Crystal Clay and roll it in the palm of your hands until it is smooth. Place it into the Ring Hammered Itsy Circle or Bangle Bracelet Flat Large with Bezel and pat it down into the bezel creating a flat and even surface. If you have too much Crystal Clay in your bezel, pinch off the excess and pat it with your fingertip to make it smooth and crease free.
Step 3:
Use a wet-wipe to remove any Crystal Clay from the ring or bracelet. When the clay hardens, it is like cement. Cleaning your hands and the metal surface as you go will result in a higher quality finished piece.
Step 4:
Embed the first bead of the Faceted Bead Chain Fine into the Crystal Clay within the Ring Hammered Itsy Circle or Bangle Bracelet Flat Large with Bezel. Wrap the Ball Chain around the outside edge. Use a pair of Flush Cutter Pliers to trim away the excess where the chain begins to overlap.
Step 5:
Gently press the Ball Chain down into the bezel making sure it is fully attached to the Crystal Clay.
Step 6:
Pour out some of the Crystal Chaton Turquoise onto your surface. Using the beeswax toothpick that is included in the Crystal Clay Kit, pick-up one of the 20ss Turquoise Chatons (the largest in the mix) and place it in the center of the Ring Hammered Itsy Circle or Bangle Bracelet. Press down gently, fully embedding the chaton.
Step 7:
Gently wipe down your piece with a wet-wipe and you are done!

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