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Sun-Kissed Melon Shamballa Bracelet

Sun-Kissed Melon Shamballa Bracelet
Sun-Kissed Melon Shamballa Bracelet

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Sun-Kissed Melon Shamballa Bracelet

Project details:

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I wanted to try out the new large hole Czech glass melon beads, so I decided try a shamballa style bracelet with silk string. I love the earthy tone of the silk string against the pearly luster of the melon beads. Lima has a vast color selection of silk string. You could also use leather, hemp, or waxed cord for this bracelet.

Supplies you’ll need:

You will need two (three if you have a larger wrist) burnt sienna silk strings, one strand of 8mm large hole melon beads (with "large hole" in the name), and a Czech glass button to use as a clasp. Two silk strings will create a 7-7.5" length bracelet.

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Step-by-Step Instructions:


Step 1

Take one silk sting and fold it in half. Clip the loop end to a clipboard to keep the strings taut. Tie your second silk string around it (as shown in picture). Tighten the knot up to your loop, leave enough room in the loop for your button to fit through.


Step 2

Then you will start making 5 square knots. To make a square knot, take the string on the right and lay it over the center strand, then take the string on the left and go over the right string, under the center string, then up through the right strings loop and pull tight. Alternate the sides for every knot. For example, we started with the right string over first, so for the second knot you will lay the left string over first.


Step 3

After you have made 5 square knots, add a bead onto the center string. Create two more square knots, the string will naturally wrap around the bead. Keep going until your desired length, leave room to attach your button. Two silk string strands create an 7"-7.5" length bracelet, if you have a larger wrist you may need to knot in the third silk string strand to make it longer.

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