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Tronex Tools

Tronex is considered a leader in cutting and pliers technology. Designed and manufactured in Fairfield, California, these Made-In-The-USA tools offer precision, excellent control, and superior performance. Originally developed for work in the electronics industry, these pliers and cutters are the jeweler's best friend, too. From cushioned grips (with a no-slip surface and made of a static dissipative material) to standard or ergonomic length handles, these tools will make your creative task an enjoyable one. Cranking out wire-wrapped charms, delicate detail-work, cutting stubborn gauged wired, ensuring a truly flush cut—all these things come together just a bit smoother with Tronex Tools.

FAQ from Tronex Tools

The good folks at Tronex have compiled this list of frequently asked questions to empower you to make informed decisions when considering purchasing a Tronex product.

Will Tronex cutters cut braided beading wire (such as Artistic Wire or Soft Flex)?

Yes, Tronex cutters cut all of the four popular gauges of Soft Flex and similar braided beading wire. The most popular cutters for this service are the Tronex Taper Relief Cutter.

Do Tronex cutters cut memory wire?

Generally speaking, Tronex cutters are not suited to cut memory wire. Memory wire (made from Nitinol or nickel titanium) is wire so hard that cutting it will leave a slight nick in the cutting edge of a Tronex cutter made from carbon steel.

ESD SAFE is printed on all Tronex Grips. What does it mean?

ESD stands for “electrostatic discharge”. Tronex grips contain an additive which disperses the buildup of an electrostatic charge. This is done to protect sensitive components on printed circuit boards from being damaged by an electrostatic discharge. Rub the handles of a Tronex cutter or pliers on a woolen sweater in a dry environment and they will not build any detectable charge.

How many cuts can I expect from my Tronex cutter?

This is a variable highly dependant upon the material cut. Generally speaking, a Tronex cutter can make several hundred thousands cuts before it becomes too dull to cut properly.

How do I avoid rust on my Tronex Tools?

First of all, keep your tools clean, dry and free of all moisture, particularly salt water including sweat. Secondly, apply a very thin coat of an oil or lubricant, such as WD-40. If, despite your precautions, spots of rust appear on the tool they can be easily removed by rubbing with fine sandpaper, file, or other abrasive.