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Wood Opalite Round Guru Bead 10mm

Wood Opalite Round Guru Bead 10mm
Wood Opalite Round Guru Bead 10mm View the Sides

Most Mala designs consist of a large bead at the end called the "Guru" or "Bindu" bead. This bead confirms the end of one round in the prayer cycle. On a traditional Mala the Guru bead is the 109th bead. The Guru bead is typically adorned with a tassel, which represents enlightenment. Whether or not you want to create a traditional or whimsical Mala style design, the Guru bead is the perfect piece to give you a seamless finished look. We suggest using 1mm C-lon to string these beads.

Item # 44831
Hole size 2mm

More about Wood Opalite

Have you ever wondered about the look of ancient trees? Wonder no more! Wood Opalite is a type of petrified wood - the remains of millions-of-years-old trees. Petrified wood, or fossilized wood, is still found in three dimensions and not flattened out with time and pressure like other fossils.

Petrified wood results from trees and other ancient plants becoming stone through mineralization, after being buried underneath saturated ash or sediment. In this case, the stone created has the composition of a common opal, without play-of-color. Inclusions of iron oxide, manganese, silicon dioxide, and other components cause petrified wood to occur in a variety of colors.

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