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Look Ma!

Okay, so I am in "wire working preschool"... And I am excited because I am teaching myself, and it's starting to look better! I made links...
Components: Misc glass beads, misc wire gauges (did I mention I'm the queen of wate not want not? I keep usable scraps)

Quartz and curlicues

A long car trip flies by when you are busy designing and wrapping
Components: Square and 1/2 round Parawire, Crystal Quartz cab

Wrap, wrap, wrap, they call me the wrapper

Studies in green. My favorite color. I just love wrapping earthy stones in metal.
Components: Square and 1/2 round Parawire, gemstone cabs

Wire wrapped cabs

What to do with odd shaped cabs...wire wrap of course!
Components: Square ans 1/2 round parawire, gemstone cabs

Wire wrapped pendent

I love to wire wrap gemstone cabs. I buy mixed parcels and just go crazy
Components: Square and 1/2 round Parawire, gemstone cab.

Simple keyring pendant

Really simple keyring pendant, which I made for my brother who loves biking. Hope he'll like it!
Components: Bike pendant, L-pendant, 4 wooden dice beads

How To Make Your Own T Shirt Cord

I have gotten a couple of comments on my up cycled t shirt designs and want to share a how-to for it.
Components: Old t shirt

Silver melody

I just began working with gilders paste when I made this. I love the contrast between the silver and high polish of the brass. I made this into a...
Components: Vintaj blank, vintaj embossing plate, gilders paste, Lisa Pavelka resin

Lovely color gazing

I love experimenting and I am always trying something new. I love how this piece has depth of color and looks like I have captured the essence of...
Components: Vintaj blank, vintaj embossing folder, gilders paste, resin.


This piece goes to show, that sometimes even when a design doesn't go how you planned, you can still repurpose and make something lovely. The resin...
Components: Resin, gilders paste.

Feather Dreams

I have been experimenting with different ways to use resin and gilders paste. I am planning to make this into a wire wrapped pendant....
Components: Resin, gilders paste. That's all!

Turquoise sea

This pendant I made reminds me of pictures I have seen if the Mediterranean. I imagine that if I could capture the sea in a bowl, this is what it...
Components: Vintaj blank, vintaj embossing plate, gilders paste, Lisa Pavelka resin

Ecclectic brooch

This is the first brooch I created. My mother in law asked if I could make her a brooch, and I love a challenge.
Components: Vintaj pewter blanks, vintaj embossing plate, silver plated wire, freshwater pearls, Hematite, metal beads, gilders paste, Lisa Pavelka resin

Funky Pink Chicken

My friend's mom always called flamingo's "funny pink chickens" for some reason. I made this pin because we are going to the zoo on 6/12 and they...

New Raku

I went to my local library and picked up more than needed. Included was a book on jewelry clays. They used old eyeshadow on certain projects, but I...
Components: Old Eyeshadow and P.C. or other jewelry clays.

For the Love of Polymer

I have always loved all of the polymer clay beads and pendants on Lima Beads, and I wanted to try it out. After several attempts, I have finally...
Components: Polymer clay


rosaries all strung with copper wire. no tying
Components: all with glass beads and copper wire. copper beads in inbetween colored beads. the red rosary uses cloisonné padres beads and crucifix, the bigger blue one has a glass crucifix infused with copper

genni moon goddess art doll

I swear it was the virgo full moon that pulled this out of me. I remember making rag dolls with my mom, she taught me the same way her grandmother...
Components: repurposed beads, Moonstone, Amythest, clear quartz, Snowflake Obsidian, Rose Quartz, Tiger Eye, hand dyed ribbons, yarn, synthetic hair, cottons, batiks, satins, velvets, cheese cloth, hand painted face and body art

Iris Pin

A little touch of spring.
Components: Soutache, glass beads, and seed beads; ultrasuede backing

Funky Earrings and A Princess inspired Necklace

I haven't been on in awhile. I have been busy with all the little people in my life and with sewing some cute stuff for the warmer weather. I made...
Components: Enameled components from Art Incendi, Ceramic from Scorched Earth on Etsy, all the rest from LB

Fire Power a lovely giveaway of two of these Sterno culinary torches. These have great fire power for copper and larger sterling pieces. Details...

Patriotic Poly Birds

Tried my hand at polymer clay beads.

LOS surprises!

I often use Liver of Sulphur to patina copper and sterling silver, but wanted to experiment on some very inexpensive silver base metal filigree...
Components: Base metal silver filigree components, LOS gel

Etching tute

Here it is, showing several of my resist methods, including the laser printer ink.
Components: Copper blanks, ink jet sheets, etchant, tape.

~ Bookmarks ~

I ran across these silver bookmarks and thought they would be perfect gifts for the women in my book club.
Components: beads from stash., silver bookmark and artistic wire.

Thank you Lynda

Thank you Lynda for the Valentine inspiration,I had a couple of orders of beads to make and I can't just make a few I had to do a few dozens. Lynda...
Components: Polymer clay, Pastels, Matte sealer


I read about this HongKong jewlery sculpturing artist crafts. His art works are inspired by ancient Chinese enthlic jewlery design. I was playing...

Shawl Pins

So I had originally posted this, but I hate the picture of the shawl pins. Bubble wrap is an awful backdrop!!
Any who... My sister and I barter....
Components: Polymer clay, 14 gauge wire, and really good genes ;)

Tis the Season--Almost!

I made all these to give to friends. Christmas light pins, Snowman pin, and Christmas light earrings...all out of PC. I took the pic with my...
Components: PC, pinbacks, silver-filled earwires, black 11/0 seedbeads, and acrylic sealer.

A bird with a french fry

I love the saying "Today I will be Happier than a Bird with a French Fry." I wanted to put it into a piece of jewelry, and after much frustration,...
Components: polymer clay, czech glass, toho seed beads, autumn jasper, Labradorite, irish waxed linen, antique copper toggle, silk ribbon, enameled metal, amethyst

Bells for Marceline

Delicate macrame anklets with bells, made extra small for babies.
Components: hemp cord, wood beads, seed beads, silk ribbon, and bells

Airship pirate

Something for the best dressed Airship pirate.
Components: one eyed goggle, vintaj patina, alcohol inks, plastic squirt gun, model paint, spray paint, rub-n-buff, washers, tacks, hi temp glue, and sand paper

Etching experiments

Thought I'd share some of my experiments with different etching resists (what you use to get the pattern), since many of you are keen on etching!...
Components: Copper sheet, black patina (Norit). Some of the pieces have been tumbled and waxed, others just rubbed with steel wool.

Prayer Beads

My MIL asked me to make her some prayer beads. I did some research and found the design. I decided to use Howlite Beads due to their different...
Components: Howlite 6mm beads, 49 strand beading wire, simple wooden cross from local christian shop, wooden beads taken from a rosary bought at an estate sale.

Dread Wrap

My cousin messaged me the other day and asked me if I made Dread Wraps. My response was "I don't even know what that is..." Apparently, kids in my...
Components: copper wire, red wire, czech glass pressed daisy beads.

Bead Dangle Design's Beaded Jewelry

All of my pieces are made with Beautiful Beads and Gemstones. HandCrafted and Designed by little old me.
Components: All Beautiful Gemstones in an array of colors and styles.

Aha moment or...

Recently had a kind blog reader let me know that it is possible for me to send an Paypal invoice via email to customers who are interested in...

My "Safari" Never Began

I've had these donuts for so many years now that I had totally given up on them...until...I was inspired by Wanda's Fresh Pick entitled 'Copper...
Components: African Brown 'Rhyolite' Jasper donuts. I also picked out to use: copper chain, rust waxed linen, Czech rondelles, blue & red aventurine, red jasper, peach recycled glass, terra cotta seed beads, copper findings.

Autumn & Other PC Pins

These are my latest polymer clay brooches/pins I made. I love autumn, so the leaf pin was a given....just did the others for fun! The painted...
Components: Polymer clay, pinbacks and acrylic sealer.

White Tiger Lily PC Components

I thought I'd try my hand at polymer clay. These pieces have a base of twisted black, white and translucent clay. Then I rolled them in herbs and...
Components: PC, acrylic, herbs, spices, matte sealant