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Woodland Gypsy Earrings

Woodland Gypsy Earrings
Woodland Gypsy Earrings

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Woodland Gypsy Earrings

Project details:

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I wanted to make a pair of earrings that looked like they were a part of the woods. The greens, gold and rust colors really make it work. Now looking at these earrings, I realize that I should have woven the feathers opposite each other. Oops :)

For more detail on how I did certain parts on the necklace, see the instructions below.

Supplies you’ll need:

  • 2 4” lengths of peacock hand dyed silk ribbon 7/16”
  • 2 3” lengths of antique brass (plated) drawn chain 4x2mm links
  • 2 Brass Gypsy Hoop Blank 38x42mm
  • Gilders Paste in Rust, German Silver, African Bronze, Patina
  • 1 pair of feathers from Mother Nature’s Palette package
  • The checkered side of a texturing hammer
  • 1 pair of antique brass (plated) leverbacks

Step-by-Step Instructions:


Step 1

I used a 2-hole punch to make the 4 holes that the feather weaves through. I recommend after you punch the first blank’s holes you overlay and mark where to punch the second blank. Gilder’s paste can give you a lot of different effects based on how you apply. To get this effect I applied my 4 colors of Gilders Paste by tapping my finger on the already textured blank and buffed very lightly. I also applied a thin layer of the German Silver Gilders Paste to the back side of the blank.

See Tip: Using a Helicopter Punch


Step 2

Take one of the feathers, start at the end and weave the feather through the holes punched in the blank.


Step 3

Once the feather has been woven through the blank, wrap your ribbon around the end of the feather to secure and cover. I wrapped it around 3 times then knotted. Make a knot at each end of the chain and lay over the knot of ribbon. Tie the ribbon in a knot over the chain and trim the chain.

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