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Key to My Heart Ribbon Necklace

About this design:

I was in my studio flipping an Earthenwood pendant around in my hand while contemplating what to make with the new silk ribbons we had just gotten in and it hit me... I jumped out of my chair and went on a hunt for my components. I decided to show how easy it is to make a necklace using the ribbon with a large focal without looking like I just hung a pendant in the middle.

What you’ll need:

  • 1 keyhole pendant with 3 holes
  • 1 skeleton key
  • heart pendant
  • silk ribbon with hand-sewn edges
  • 3 Czech glass fire polished rondelle 9mm
  • 2 garnet rough nuggets
  • 6 head pins
  • 6 15mm jump rings
  • 8 7.25mm jump rings
  • 10 4.75mm jump rings

Additional Images:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1:
Taking your 6" piece of leather lacing, line up the middle of the leather with the middle of the pendant. String the leather through the first hole leaving a couple of inches off the end and knot. Repeat this on the other hole. Make sure your knots aren't too tight. This leaves room for the next step which is to string your ribbon under the knots you just created at each of the pendant's 2 holes. Once you have made sure that the ribbon has an even length on each side of the pendant, tie a knot with the ribbon around the leather. Make sure the ribbon is pulled tightly through. Now finish off by tying a final knot with the leather coming up to the ribbon knot at each side. Trim excess leather.
Step 2:
Jump rings don't just have to be functional, they can also be used a inexpensive decorative touches. I grouped jump rings together and knotted the clusters together along the ribbon, adding in charms where I liked. It is important when using the ribbon as the main "stringing" material in a necklace that the weight on each side is evenly balanced and also not heavier than the focal.

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  1. No Photo
    Chicky Zee aka Alice says:


  2. No Photo
    Annamaria P says:

    I love this artist’s designs. Her aesthetic echoes my own creative spirit! Maybe it’s the Detroit aesthetic–but I love dissembling gears, metal parts, and other useful discards. I want to call it Detroit Deconstruction! ; )))

  3. No Photo
    Mary - Sweet Chick says:

    I love this Ali! The collaboration of components is spot-on! And I love the addition of the heart to the bottom of the Escutcheon link!

  4. opalgem101
    opalgem101 says:

    Love this design. The key tied to the escutcheon link is just the kick for this necklace. Love the details of this design! The only thing, “wish I had thought of it” LOL

  5. FaeryGoth Chick
    FaeryGoth Chick says:

    I like it a lot!

  6. Ali
    Ali says:

    Thanks everyone.
    I made a another keyhole with key design using the same technique but with a Kylie Parry piece. When we get them back in stock, I will have to upload it to the design gallery ;-)

  7. Aelfwine
    Aelfwine says:

    Ali…Very Nice Pendant and A Great Idea You came up with. It pays to really feel what pieces you have, then in your heart comes a feeling, after that a picture, an inspiring idea! Great how it works just hey. Follow your heart and you will never be lead astray. Love, Light & Peace, Aelfwine :)

  8. jdbeast1
    jdbeast1 says:

    Hmmm, I looked thru the materials list and directions twice but see no mention of the chain that is obviously part of the design. It’s pretty simple to see how it’s attached, but it seems like there might have been a ‘Step 3′ that was left off. Cool design…I love Ali’s aesthetic, so fresh, funky and fun !

  9. Empty Nest Chick
    Empty Nest Chick says:

    Ali, your designs really get my imagination going! Your work is beautiful.

  10. Gueda
    Gueda says:

    Very cool and different. I have to try this. Love the mix of all the different materials.

  11. J Lawson
    J Lawson says:

    What is the keyhole made from? This is a wonderful funky design!

  12. MizB
    MizB says:

    Im very new at this. I love the idea of using the ribbon instead of chain. Is there a method besides thing to use as a closure?

  13. MizB
    MizB says:

    I am very new at this. I love the idea of using the ribbon instead of chains for the stringing media. Is there some latch that can be used instead of tying off the ends to fasten the neclace when wearing?

  14. No Photo
    themuddauber says:

    Where did the key hole piece come from and can I buy one?Thanks!


  15. No Photo
    themuddauber says:

    Where did the key hole piece come from and can I buy one?Thanks!


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    YOU say:

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