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Curse of Loving Fall Necklace

Curse of Loving Fall Necklace
Curse of Loving Fall Necklace

Additional Images:

Curse of Loving Fall Necklace
Curse of Loving Fall Necklace
Curse of Loving Fall Necklace

Project details:

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This necklace is cursed. I wanted to make a piece that incorporated metal that I had stitched together along with the concept of fall leaves. I have been working on this piece for 4 weeks. Every time I would try to work on it at home the kids would wake up from their naps early, crying or wanting to sit on my lap and "help" me. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids, but they are not great helpers (yet). If it wasn't the kids, something else would always get in the way! I finally finished it and I love it, but every time I look at it, I just get frustrated :)

Supplies you’ll need:

  • 7" or so of copper chain
  • clasp
  • 6 crimps
  • 2 6" lengths of beading wire to be used for 2 3.5" beaded lengths for the outer strands connecting to the leaf
  • 14" length of beading wire to be used for the 10" beaded inside strand
  • 7 4.75mm jump rings
  • 2 7.25mm jump rings
  • 2 eye pins
  • 9 head pins
  • 4 4" lengths of copper wire
  • 8" length of copper wire for wrapping with bird -24" length of copper wire for stitching
  • gemstone beads for stringing and making charms
  • 2 69x15mm artisan copper blanks
  • 2 leaf pendants
  • 1 ceramic bird bead

Step-by-Step Instructions:


Step 1

When creating the focal for this necklace, you will first need to take the 2 copper blanks and punch 7 holes along the top and bottom of each.


Step 2

Cross stitch the two pieces together using 24 gauge copper wire. Don't worry if it looks a little messy, you can attribute that to the artisan feel of the necklace. Once the 2 blanks are stitched together, add wire wrapped gemstone charms along the bottom at all 7 holes to bring in some weight and fall flutter.


Step 3

This step is so simple but worth noting since the leaf drop only has one hole at the top of the leaf and I wanted to use it as a connector at the focal. Create a loop at the middle of the stem using your round nose pliers. Using your needle nose or flat nose pliers, gently press the loop until the stem end meets the leaf. Now attach the leaf to your focal using a larger jump ring and attach the beaded strands to your stem loop.

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