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Butterfly Kisses Bracelet

Butterfly Kisses Bracelet
Butterfly Kisses Bracelet

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Butterfly Kisses Bracelet

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There are so many possibilities when it comes to these Nunn Design birthstone pieces and the channel beads. The large holes in the channel beads are perfect for stringing either chain or several leather lengths through them. When it came to deciding how to embellish it, you have a ton of options! Since the theme for my bracelet started around the kids, I went with the butterfly transfer image, and Payton and Gable's birthstones for chatons--diamond and emerald. Payton used to love to come up to me and give butterfly kisses with her eyelashes on my cheek, so the Green Girl butterfly button was the perfect closure when paired with a cyclamen leather loop.

Supplies you’ll need:

Step-by-Step Instructions:


Step 1

To decorate my butterfly channel bead, I used the transfer sheet image, cutting off approximately 1/8" from the image made to fit this size bead.

See Tip: Place a Transfer Image onto a Channel Bead


Step 2

To decorate the ribbon channel bead, I used 6" of ribbon and wrapped around the bead until I was happy with the coverage, I then finished off the ribbon by securely knotting and dabbing with adhesive.


Step 3

The birthstone charms where really simple. Just choose your birthstone to use and apply small amount of adhesive to the bezel setting, then place your chosen chaton.

See Tip: Make a Birthstone Pendant


Step 4

For the button closure I made a loop tying an overhand knot to the end of the chain. I then strung on the ribbon channel bead and secured with another overhand knot.


Step 5

Using leather cord that I strung through the butterfly channel bead, I attached the button. Rather than ending the bracelet there and attaching the birthstone charms to the bracelet using jump rings, I took the tails of leather cord and strung on the charms to their individual tails knotting the cord on the front of the charm.