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Blue Skies

Blue Skies
Blue Skies

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Blue Skies

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For me these earrings evoke images of easy breezy days -- of hanging out with friends at the beach, having nothing better to do than watch the shore come in and out and watch the clouds go by. This kyanite shape lends itself nicely to earrings as it is so lightweight.

Supplies you’ll need:

  • 2 1' lengths of 10lb variegated hemp
  • 2 6" lengths of 10lb variegated hemp
  • 4 solar quartz drop slices
  • 1 pair leverbacks
  • 16 kyanite side-drilled sticks
  • 2 kyanite rondelles
  • 2 4" lengths of gunmetal wire 24 gauge

Step-by-Step Instructions:


Step 1

The first step is to string one side using 4 sticks and 1 rondelle, securing each side of the bead with a knot.


Step 2

Once the first length has the kyanite strung on, make a loop knot. This loop will be used to attach the ear wire. Once the loop is secure, form a series of overhand knot clusters that are randomly spaced. String on the 4 kyanite side-drilled sticks. Finish by knotting at the bottom of the beads.


Step 3

String the hemp through the solar quartz and knot to the hemp to look similar to a wire wrapped drop.


Step 4

For the slice drop at the top, there are a couple different wrappings that you will do. The first is the wire wrapped cover on a drop. Before wrapping the wire, attach the loop to the hemp loop at the top of the earring. You only need to wire wrap the cover on the drop to the top of the stone. Next take a 6" length of hemp and knot over the bottom of the wire wrapping so that you have 2 even hemp tails.


Step 5

Taking your 2 hemp tails, criss cross them around the wire wrapping and down onto the stone creating a cover. Finish off with a couple overhand knots and trim excess.

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