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Elements Necklace

Elements Necklace
Elements Necklace

Additional Images:

Elements Necklace
Elements Necklace
Elements Necklace
Elements Necklace
Gable helping me after, apparently, coloring on his face with marker...

Project details:

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Typically, when I make a multi-strand necklace out of gemstones, I like to mix it up and avoid symmetrical patterns. With this design I wanted to use these particular gemstone strands together by color blocking them and graduating the size of he beads on the necklace strands. I am really happy with how it turned out. Gable was even helping me for a bit :-)
Have you tried this with any of your favorite stones?

Supplies you’ll need:

  • 2 32" lengths of medium beading wire
  • 2 4" lengths of 3mm leather lace
  • strand of picture jasper matte irregular cubes
  • 8 sunset dumortierite faceted nuggets
  • 22 sunset dumortierite 8mm round
  • 6 sunset dumortierite 4mm round
  • 9 12mm ruby impression round beads
  • 12 chrysoprase faceted nuggets

Step-by-Step Instructions:


Step 1

Lay out your beads using color blocking. Try to mix contrasting color, as well as size, shape and finish (matte, smooth, faceted).


Step 2

String your 2 strands of beads on heavy beading wire. I use the heavy rather than the medium because of the heavy golden pyrite. Don't crimp the ends to the clasps right away, just tie knots or use a temporary crimp at the end so your beads don't fall off. You want to wait until both strands are strung so that you can lay them next to each other, making sure they lay properly and the the bead placement works.


Step 3

Once you are happy with the 2 strands, crimp each strand individually to the appropriate part of the toggle clasp.
TIP: The strands will lay nicely next to each other if you string a few 4mm rounds on each end of one or both of the strands.

See Tip: Crimping Basics


Step 4

Wrap a 3mm piece of leather lace around each end pulling snuggly over and around the crimps. Make sure that you can still pull the toggle through the ring before tying the the final knot.

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