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Studio Artifacts Necklace

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I began the design process with 2 goals: use the Tree Wing Studio leather feathers, and try our amazing new waxed nylon in a necklace. I love being able to use a waxed nylon cord for my entire necklace because it holds its place without having the feeling of a waxy residue on my neck. Another great bonus with this waxed cord is that I don't have to use needles to thread on the beads. Simply running my thread burner quickly along a couple inches at the end of the cord hardens it to be able to easily slip through beads. I love the Boho/found object vibe this piece has. I can't wait to make it with different combinations!

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Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1

Cut waxed nylon cord into 3 42" lengths for the main necklace.

Step 2

Gently and quickly run your thread burner along 2" at the ends of your cord. This will harden your waxed nylon's ends into a needle.

Step 3

Line up your 3 cords together and secure halfway using a clipboard. Use a scrap of cloth or cardboard to protect the thread.

Step 4

You want to have a smooth braided section at the back of your necklace, so begin braiding for a couple inches (or more).

Step 5

Once you have braided a couple inches of waxed nylon cord, use your "needle" ends to string on beads as desired.

Step 6

Combine 2 strands to string string your first bead. This will help keep your braid in place.

Step 7

Add a few beads to each strand to form a cluster, then string the final bead onto 2 strands like before. This helps keep everything in place to begin braiding again.

Step 8

Continue braiding.

Step 9

String beads into the braid in a zigzag pattern by stringing on a bead every few braids, making sure that for every bead on the left there is one on the right. Once you are done with that pattern section, braid a little more waxed nylon.

Step 10

Add another bead cluster or whichever pattern you like.
Repeat steps 3 to 9 using the bead patterns in a slightly different way so that the sides are not identical.

Step 11

Once both sides of the necklace are complete, tie an overhand knot to secure the focal ring to the necklace on one side.

Step 12

With the remaining cord after tying on the focal ring, tie an overhand loop knot using the braided cord to be used as the loop closer for the hook.

Step 13

On the opposite end of the necklace, tie on the hook using an overhand loop knot.

Step 14

This is how the closure should appear.

Step 15

Attach the leather feather to the inner loop on the ring by adding a dab of adhesive to the end and fold over. Then begin wire wrapping around the doubled-over portion of the feather. I used a combination of silver and gold colored craft wire.

Step 16

Add a crystal point next to the leather feather using a messy wire wrap charm technique.

See Tip: Wire Wrap a Charm

Step 17

Cut 6 lengths of waxed nylon, adding in a complimentary color in a metal tone. Double over each cord and secure to the bottom of the loop focal using an overhand knot. Make sure to equally space the cords along the bottom of the loop focal.

Step 18

This is how the finished fringe looks.

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