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Seaside Christmas Ornament Set

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Create a beautiful set of seaside inspired ornaments.

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Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1

I started by laying out my beads and creating groups for the different ornament projects I wanted to complete based on my bead supply.

Step 2

Starting with the snowflake, I strung beads onto the wire that I planned on making my hanger loop from. I like to do this first so I'm not putting so much pressure on the beads and ends of the other 5 wires.
I prefer to make my snowflakes with 2 patterns alternating every other wire. That way I only have to come up with 2 awesome patterns ;) For all of the remaining 5 wires, I finish with a half-drilled bead, gluing in place with adhesive.

Step 3

The icicles can be made using either an 18 gauge craft wire or a 20 gauge stainless steel wire. Start by create a bottom coil, I used a sharpie to coil my wire. Then I tighten the middle and loosen the outside until I am happy with the look of the spin. Create a 90 degree angle coming off of the coil so that your beads stay in place. Now you can string on your beads. Vary the sizes and widths to keep it interesting. When you are happy with the length, finish the top. You can do this 2 ways: (1)create a large loop at the top and wire wrap around 1-2 times to make sure that the loop is supported, then tie on a ribbon or yarn (2)create a similar, smaller coil at the bottom of your icicle. You can further embellish your icicles by creating charm groups from the leftover beads and looping them onto the bottom coil.

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