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Sea Breeze Bracelet

About this design:

Create this simple oval pattern bracelet using some thread and your favorite gemstones!

What you’ll need: (buy products below)

See below for list of materials used.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1:
Thread a crimp tube onto the c-lon thread. Pull one end of the thread through the loop of the lobster clasp and back through the crimp-making sure the clasp is centered.
Step 2:
push the crimp up next to the clasp until there is a small space between the crimp and the clasp. Squeeze the crimp flat with pliers.
Step 3:
Put a spacer bead on one side of the thread, and then pull the other end through in the opposite direction. Pull on both ends evenly until the spacer bead is a close to the crimp as possible. Repeat the same thing with one Apatite bead.
Step 4:
Using a beading needle, String 8 Apatite beads on one side of the thread, and 8 Navy Blue Agate beads on the other side. Add one more Navy Blue Agate bead to the right strand. Pull the left strand through the same seed bead in the opposite direction. Pull gently until tight.
  Step 5:
Repeat step 4 until the bracelet is as long as you'd like, ending with a completed oval.
  Step 6:
Bring the two strands of thread together and string on a spacer bead, a crimp, and a soldered jump ring on to both strands. Pull the ends of the thread back through the crimp and spacer bead.
  Step 7:
Holding onto the jump ring, gently pull the ends of the thread until everything is tight- making sure there is a small space between the jump ring and the crimp. Squeeze the crimp flat with the pliers. Cut the extra thread as close to the spacer bead as possible.
Step 8:
Make five bead links (or however many ovals you have) with 4 gemstone beads-alternating the colors. Attach them to the middle of each oval. You can do this by attaching the loop of the wire to the thread of the bracelet while you're making the loop of the bead link, or you can use a jump ring to attach the links.

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