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Washed Ashore Necklace

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Blue slate, rainbow black diamond, rosaline, rainbow smoky topaz and silver lined crystal - These might not be colors you would immediately say yes to combining together, but I love when they are all together! I chose to knot these seed beads in frosted tones on natural color waxed cord, combined with a bit of African glass and a lovely sand colored matte thin sliced oval gemstone pendant.

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Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1

Cut two 1 meter lengths of waxed nylon. Combine the ends and tie an overhand knot 4 inches from the bottom to secure the cords together.String the 4" of both cords through the hole in the pendant and tie in place near the knot, pulling the cords down the pendant. String on the Dogun and the bellflowers in a similar pattern as shown.

Step 2

Now it's time to string on varying combinations of the seed beads. Between each grouping of seed beads, tie a series of knots using the waxed nylon. Tying knots holds two purposes - first it holds the beads in place and second it adds texture to the gap between the seed beads.

Step 3

Finish your necklace at the desired length and secure with an overhand knot. Feel free to heat your knot for added security. This will melt the wax into the knot as well as melt the nylon a bit.

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