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Snow Queen Necklace

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I love being drenched in shimmer for the holidays. I always purchase a new top and wear something like this to dress it up. I think it lays best from just below the clavicle or wear it long.

Supplies you’ll need:

You will need a druzy link, rock crystal points, 22 gauge wire, apatite nuggets, and 4ft crystal chain. You could make earrings or a bracelet out of any left over beads:) I added a rock crystal focal set as an option instead of the graduated strand on the product list.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1

Take your wire and create a loop on the rock crystal. Twist the wire a couple of times then take your round nose pliers and create a loop. Wrap the rest of the wire around and trim any excess. Do this to all of the rock crystal points, so they each have a loop.

Step 2

Do Step 1 to all of the rock crystal points, so they each have a loop. I created 6-7 points with loops.

Step 3

I cut a 1.5" piece of the crystal chain and used it to attach the points to. I attached the points with jump rings to the chain loops.

Step 4

Then I attached the chain with the points to the druzy link.

Step 5

Next I added the apatite onto head pins and created a charm loop to hang them from. Create the loop the same as on the crystal points with your round nose pliers. Attach them to the rock crystal points jump rings.

Step 6

Just attach your chain to the druzy link and your done.

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