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Dark Magic Necklace

Dark Magic Necklace
Dark Magic Necklace

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Dark Magic Necklace

Project details:

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For this design, I used moon & star charms, along with moonstone & dark crystals, for a halloween-Inspired lariat necklace that can be worn year-round.

Supplies you’ll need:

  • Gold star w/ crystal charm
  • Gold Crescent Moon Focal
  • Crystal Link Brass Chain
  • Gold 3mm Jump Rings
  • Gold 4mm Jump Rings
  • Gold Chain
  • Gold 24 Gauge Wire
  • Pearl Crystal 6mm Faceted Rondelle
  • Hematite Crystal Faceted Rondelle 2mm
  • Moonstone Coin Link
  • Jet Crystal Druzy Star Links
  • Gold Lobster Clasp

Step-by-Step Instructions:


Step 1

Remove the star charm from the hoop that it arrives on. Attach it to the crescent moon charm with a jump ring. Attach a small piece of chain to the crescent moon charm with a jump ring. Place another jump ring at the top of the chain and attach a moonstone link. Cut the piece of chain in the middle. Make a bead link with two hematite crystal faceted rondelles. Attach the link directly to the pieces of chain, reconnecting them.

See Tip: Wire Wrap a Bead Link


Step 2

Using a jump ring, attach two pieces of your desired length of chain to the top of the moonstone link. Cut the chain and attach bead links of the hematite crystal, crystal chain, and pearl crystal- attaching the links directly to the chain. Attach a jet crystal star link to the ends of the chain, and attach a lobster clasp and jump ring onto them.

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