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Caribbean Christmas Necklace

Project details:

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I love the beachy vibe these fanned tassels give off! I paired this one with hemp, chain, and gold accents to create a long-length necklace.

Supplies you’ll need:

Hemp twine, fanned tassel, brass rice beads, crystal chain, super glue, gold jump rings, gold beads.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1

Gather 3 different colors of hemp & follow the attached instructions on how to make a square knot. I used brass rice & Czech glass gold rounds in my square knots.

See Tip: Tying the Square Knot

Step 2

To add more variety, I did the square knot for 8.5", and then I switched to braiding the hemp for about 5", and then I did another 8.5" of the square knot. At the center of the necklace, attach the tassel using a larks head knot. I attached the jump ring above the knot for decoration.

Step 3

Tie the ends of the hemp to a 12" piece of crystal chain with a double knot & secure with a drop of super glue.

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