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What's Your Mood Ring

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Mood beads are definitely a throwback to the 70's and are so fun to wear! I love how they start black and as you wear them they turn into meaningful moody colors.

Supplies you’ll need:

You will need 22 gauge wire, I used about 2 feet and a 8x9mm rondelle mood bead. I listed other options in the product list. You will also need a ring tool or I used a highlighter marker to size my ring. I used stainless steel wire, if you use this you may want to file your ends down. Stainless wire is very sharp when cut.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1

Cut a 2ft piece of wire, and feed it through the bead.

Step 2

Once throught the bead, push opposite ends through the bead again.

Step 3

Now place your ring sizer or marker through the loop and pull tight.

Step 4

Take one side of the wire and go over the top, and the other wire around the bottom of the bead.

Step 5

Keep wrapping the wire around the bead until you like how it looks.

Step 6

Then take your ends and start to wrap around the wire that goes into the ring on each side. Make it tight, use pliers if you need to.

Step 7

Just make sure to file or tuck in any sharp wire ends. Just adjust the wire to make it tight and neat, finished!

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