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Rainbow Stretch Bracelets

About this design:

Rainbows always bring a smile to my face. I decided to make a stack with different variations of the rainbow. These are perfect for summer. The shamballa bracelet shown in the image is a different design called Rainbow Shamballa Bracelet. This step-by-step only shows you how to make the stretch bracelets.

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You will need 2x 24" lengths of 1mm elastic stretch cord. I used a needle with a large eye, it makes the job easier. A heavier needle works best. Even an embroidery needle might work. You will also need 10mm round wood beads, and 14mm natural wood beads (I used a few of these on one bracelet).

Additional Images:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1:
Cut plenty of elastic cord, we will be doubling the cord around for durability and so your bracelet will hold its shape. Slide the wood beads onto the elastic cord in the rainbow order you like.
Step 2:
To double the elastic cord, thread the end of your stretch cord onto a needle. You can do this without a needle, but it's faster with one. Take one end and start to feed it through the opposite side and go all the way around.
Step 3:
The end result should look like this.
Step 4:
To finish, pull the cord tight to bring the beads together and tie two over hand knots. On the second knot hold it taut for 10 seconds and then release. This secures your knot. For extra security, I pull apart the beads so only the knot is showing and add a dot of super glue. Let dry then release. Trim excess cord and tuck the knot into the bead holes.

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