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Seaside Sunset Bracelet/Necklace

About this design:

I love working with tiny faceted gemstones! I find that I am typically drawn to blues and turquoises for my color palette, so I wanted to expand outside of that using warmer tones - creams, tan, yellows, oranges, coral pink, and dark rust. In using these colors I decided to make an ombré of sorts. My original plan was to make a ladder stitch wrap bracelet since it has been a while, however when I began, it turned out that the holes were too small on most of my beads to have the needle and thread go back and forth through the beads. I pivoted and decided to make my next favorite style, a versatile necklace that can be worn doubled up or long or as a wrap bracelet! This plan worked beautifully. I think my next project is to turn this into a bead chain, I just need to get my hands on some 21 gauge gold fill wire.

What you’ll need: (buy products below)

  • 12' of C-lon Size D threaded on a needle and doubled over
  • 1/2 strands of 8-12 small beads
  • soldered jump ring 6mm-8mm
  • small lobster clasp

Additional Images:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1:
Possibly the most important step in this design is to decide on your ombré with your chosen beads. I kept my beads organized in an egg carton as shown. Make sure to know where you want the middle of your design to be. This helps ensure an even ombré.
Step 2:
Using a 6' of thread (12' doubled over) begin stringing your necklace. I prefer to speckle my colors in and out of each other rather than harsh transitions when creating my ombré.
Step 3:
When you have fully strung your necklace it is time to go back through and place knots. This is always something I choose to do at the end, but you can do it while you are stringing if you know where you want them. I was originally going to knot in between every bead ... that would be a lot of knots! I ranged the placement of my knots every 3 to 8 beads. I find that knots placed throughout a necklace helps with stretching and the overall flow of the piece.
Step 4:
Before adding your clasp, make sure you are happy with the length wrapping around your wrist. My final length was 42" with the clasp, 41.5" just beads. This allowed me to wrap 7" six times around my wrist, or twice around my neck. When you have completed your necklace/bracelet, make sure to dap your end knots with a touch of adhesive.

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15-16" strand
½ strand (loose)

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15-16" strand
½ strand (loose)

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15-16" strand
½ strand (loose)

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15-16" strand
½ strand (loose)

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14" strand
½ strand (loose)

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Read the comments (or add your own)

  1. dolllady aka Pam
    dolllady aka Pam says:

    Ali, this wonderful! I also love your head cups. I’m asking myself why I didn’t think of this myself. I have used my empty egg cartons to store the ceramic Easter eggs that my mom and I made years ago. Also, to store the onus eggs we bought in Mexico.

  2. Robin nursechick
    Robin nursechick says:

    Ali -so pretty! This would also make a great stash buster bracelet

  3. SF Girl
    SF Girl says:

    I also love working with tiny, faceted gemstones, and this is perfect! I love how, if one sizes it correctly, it can be worn as both a necklace and a bracelet. Both beautiful and practical. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. No Photo
    BethAnn A says:

    What pearls did you use in this piece? They really add to it!

  5. Beady Little Eyes
    Beady Little Eyes says:

    So pretty and practical. Lovely colors.

  6. Dusty Rose
    Dusty Rose says:

    Love, Love Love all the colors!
    Great choice of design and beads too!

  7. No Photo
    lindak357 says:

    Ali, this piece is gorgeous! I can’t stop looking at it. Great job as usual!! Love the way you mixed the pearls in with the other stones. I love it!!

  8. No Photo
    B Lindberg says:

    I’m confused by the shopping list for this necklace/bracelet. Do I buy the half strands only?

  9. Ali
    Ali says:

    Thanks everyone! I have already worn this as a wrap necklace and a wrap bracelet :) This style can definitely be replicated with any beads you love or already have. If you are looking to buy new beads to make this style I recommend purchasing the smallest quantity available, which is typically a 1/2 strand for gemstone beads. The pearls that I used where left overs from another project. A pearl subsitute could always be mother of pearl, or TOHO seed beads.

  10. Crystal Canary
    Crystal Canary says:

    Wonderful assortment of color & textures! Love necklaces that can do double-duty. Interesting how you went back after the stringing and placed the knots. I’ll have to try this method. Thanks Ali :)

  11. kye
    kye says:

    Oh this is beautiful! It’s wonderfully versatile too. Thanks for the how to Ali.

  12. Phoenix
    Phoenix says:

    Beautiful textures and colors! A neat idea for using up little quantities of leftover 1/2 or full bead orders. The colors blend so nicely.

  13. Granny Nancy
    Granny Nancy says:

    Oh my! This is so lovely.

  14. Cdaly
    Cdaly says:

    Hi Ali. I love the necklace/bracelet! Instead of the C-Lon thread, which I have never worked with, could I use SoftFlex beading wire in “fine” and still get the appropriate drape and flexibility?

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    YOU say:

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