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Hang Ten Necklace

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The Linhasita cord adds to the beachy vibe of this walnut wood wave focal. This is a light-weight necklace, perfect for summer.

Supplies you’ll need:

You will need:

  • 4 colors of Linhasita PE4 cord in blue colors, I listed the colors I used in the product list below
  • 1 walnut wood wave focal
  • scissors and a lighter

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1

-Cut the 4 colors of cord to the length you would like your necklace. This necklace will be adjustable
-Use one of the colors to tie on the wave focal

Step 2

-Pick a color and cut two 4" pieces of cord
-Group your necklace cords together at one end.
-Tie a knot with the 4" piece of cord on one side flip the cord ends over and tie a knot on the back side of the knot you just created.
-Trim your ends
-Trim your necklace cord down too
-Use a lighter to burn the ends of youe necklace cord, push them together so they fuse as one.
-I also burned the knot on the 4" piece slightly to make it more secure.
-Do the same on the other end of the necklace.

Step 3

-Now you should have two tails sticking out on both sides.
-Tape down the necklace, this way it doesn't move when you twist the tails.
-Start twisting each tail separately, rotating clockwise
-Now start twisting them together rotating clockwise
-Twist them really tight
-Tie an overhand knot to finish
-Burn the end of your knots to secure them

Step 4

-Finish the bracelet with a sliding square knot using a 6" piece of cord.

See Tip: Tying the Square Knot

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