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Griffin Beading Cord

Each 2-meter (6.5ft) card comes with a pre-strung needle. This pre-strung needle might not seem like a big deal, but it allows for a much finer thread at the end of the day because you don't have to double thread your needle. So it's great for all those teeny tiny drill hole beads.


-100% silk

-Silk may stretch. You can prevent this from your finished product by pre-stretching (weight it down and hang it).

-Silk may fray over time. It is great for stringing delicate pearls because of its size, but it is a natural material without any coating/wax. Hence the age-old practice of "re-stringing pearls" every few years.

-Silk is beautiful, soft, and smooth.


-Synthetic stringing material, very strong and durable.

-No stretch here!

-Great color.