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Hole Punching Pliers 1.5mm

Hole Punching Pliers 1.5mm
Hole Punching Pliers 1.5mm Check out the Head
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Item # 16755
Measurements: 1.5mm punch

Bumblebee Cuff

Designer: Becky Nunn

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Diamondback Wrap Bracelet

This bracelet has a modern Southwest vibe displaying the perfect mix of metal and microsuede.

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Using a Helicopter Punch

Helicopter punches look so fun--and they're really easy to use, too. Try this technique out for...

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Curse of Loving Fall Necklace

This necklace is cursed. I wanted to make a piece that incorporated metal that I had stitched...

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Using a Hand Punch

Punching holes in metal blanks is a piece of cake with a pair of hole punch pliers. Read on to...

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