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Diamondback Wrap Bracelet

About this design:

This bracelet has a modern Southwest vibe displaying the perfect mix of metal and microsuede.

What you’ll need: (buy products below)

You will nee three etched and printed coin focals, 7mm microsuede, waxed cord, and punch hole pliers. You could use etched and triangle-shaped focal as well.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1:
You will need 2' of flat microsuede cord. I used 7mm black microsuede.
Step 2:
Lay your etched coins where you would like to place them no the cord. I centered my first coin then left 5mm of space in between each coin. Mark with a pencil where your edges are on the microsuede.
Step 3:
These coins already have one hole. Use your punch to create another hole directly across from the other. Then lay the coins back on your cord and mark where the holes are. Then punch holes into your cord.
Step 4:
Use your favorite color of waxed cord to weave through the holes. Start by making a small knot at one end and go down through your first hole around the back and up through the other hole, knot to finish.
Step 5:
In between each coin take your extra waxed cord and loop it around the cord from the coins and tighten. Then wrap the waxed cord around several times to fill up the 5mm space you left. Create a small loop knot to secure. Do this in between each coin.
Step 6:
I did the same wrapping on each end of the coin group, except I made the wrapping 10mm wide instead of 5mm.
Step 7:
Attach a crimp end or glue-in cord end to finish off the bracelet. If you use a glue-in end, I suggest using LimaStudios Crystal Clear 5-Minute Epoxy for strength and durability.

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Measurements: 1.5mm punch

Read the comments (or add your own)

  1. No Photo
    ClovisakaLois says:

    Is that 1″ wide microsuede and does LB carry it? I like this design!

  2. No Photo
    ClovisakaLois says:

    Nevermind the question….I see it is a wrap bracelet on probably the 7mm microsuede.

  3. Andrea at Lima
    Andrea at Lima says:

    It is 7mm microsuede, sorry I missed adding this into the info. It is there now with the product ID. Thanks for asking:)

  4. kye
    kye says:

    This is so neat! Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. No Photo
    sanibelmiss says:

    Are you going to post the instructions to make this bracelet?

  6. No Photo
    Patrice S says:

    How do you tie the bracelet after you wrap it?

  7. Andrea at Lima
    Andrea at Lima says:

    Just posted step-by-step info to create tis bracelet.

  8. No Photo
    joaimaroni says:

    Placing a 20mm coin over a 7mm strip would leave 6.5mm of coin hanging over both top and bottom of the microsuede. I assume then, you must have used more than one row of microsuede. 3 or 4? Need to see the back to see how to finish multiple rows of microsuede. Will either puch do, or is one for the coin and one for the microsuede?

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