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Bumblebee Cuff

Nunn Design
Bumblebee Cuff
Bumblebee Cuff

Project details:

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Designer: Becky Nunn

Supplies you’ll need:

  • Wide Black Leather Cuff
  • 2- Brass Birch Leaves Embellishment
  • Brass Grande Bumblebee
  • Copper Micro Screw & Nut Set
  • Hole Punching Pliers
  • Nylon Jaw Bending Pliers

Step-by-Step Instructions:


Step 1

Using a pair of Nylon Jaw Ring Bending Pliers, carefully bend the 2 pieces of Nunn Design Brass Birch Leaves Embellishments. I like to start on one end and crimp down from one end to the other until they are smoothly curved.


Step 2

Using a pair of Euro Punch Pliers, punch three holes into the Brass Birch Leaves Embellishments – one hole on three separate leaves. Once both of the Leaves are punched, place them on the Leather Cuff Bracelet and determine where you would like your center point to be.


Step 3

While holding one of the Leaves in position; use the Euro Punch Pliers to create a small indentation onto the Leather Cuff Bracelet. This indentation will indicate where to punch the leather. Remove the Leaves and punch through the Leather Cuff Bracelet with the Euro Punch Pliers.


Step 4

Thread the Micro Screws through the Leaves and Leather Cuff Bracelet. Attach the nut onto the back. To make sure that the bolts don’t come undone with wear and tear, I use a dab of G-S Hypo Cement Glue. I place a couple drops right at the base of the leather/screw shank and tighten the nut down into it.


Step 5

Using a pair of Flush Cutters, trim the excess shank of the screw. Make sure to hold the shank in your fingers when cutting. I almost put my photographer’s eye out with this cutting job! Sorry Melissa!


Step 6

Using a file, or in my case, an emery board from my purse, file down the cut end of the screw until smooth.

Step 7

Repeat steps 3-6 to attach the other Brass Birch Leaves Embellishment onto the other side.


Step 8

Using the Euro Punch Pliers, punch two holes into the Brass Grande Bumblebee Embellishment. It may indent the bee a wee bit, and in all honestly, I had my husband drill me a couple holes on mine. You may need to trim away any spurs on the underside of the bee with your Flush Cutters, making it easier for your screw to pass through the hole.


Step 9

Hold your punched Brass Grande Bumblebee Embellishment (that sounds funny to me) in position and thread your Micro Screw into the punched hole. You are again putting an indentation onto the leather so you know just where to punch your hole with the Euro Punch Pliers.


Step 10

Thread your remaining 2 Micro Screw through the Brass Grande Bumblebee Embellishment and through the leather. Repeat Steps 4-6.

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