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Zebra Filigree Ring

Handmade with polymer clay. Black and white marbled to look like a zebra :)
Attached to a black adjustable filigree ring.
Components: polymer clay, filigree ring

Fall Inspired Flower Ring

Handmade with polymer clay.

Yellow Magnolia Ring

Handmade with polymer clay, swarovski center attached to a filigree adjustable ring.

Yellow Bold Flower Ring

Handmade with polymer clay, yellow rose ring.

Purple Bold Flower Ring

Handmade with polymer clay, purple flower ring.

Black and Silver Flower Ring

Handmade with polymer clay, silver and black mixed together to create this awesome flower ring.

Green Fall Flower Ring

Handmade soft green and hints of purple polymer clay marbled together and made into a magnolia flower with a Swarovski crystal flat back center...

Pink Marbled Ring

Handmade pink and white marbled polymer clay magnolia flower with a Swarovski crystal flat back center adhered to a silver adjustable filigree ring.

Black Rose Filigree Ring

Handmade polymer clay black rose with a Swarovski crystal flat back center adhered to an adjustable black filigree ring.

Garden Rose Chunky Statement Ring

Handmade with polymer clay, adhered to a black filigree adjustable ring.

Swarovski Eternity Ring

I love Swarovski crystals and I love to wrap rings...especially in gold filled wire wrap. The colors inspired me. The way the sun hits the...
Components: Gold filled wire wrap, Swarovski crystals

Pink and Gold Magnolia Ring

Handmade of polymer clay and flakes of gold adhered to an adjustable filigree ring.

Pink Flower Ring

Handmade of polymer clay, pink flower, adhered to an adjustable gold tone ring.

Red Magnolia Filigree Ring

Handmade of polymer clay, red magnolia adhered to a filigree adjustable ring.

Gimme a Ring Sometime

I'm back in the ring making mode!
Components: 18, 20, 22, and 24 ga wire, teal pearl, dragonsblood jasper, Carnelian, Rhodonite, and ruby in fuschite

Hand four, ring

...version 4 from hand theme...ring...

All 12 Birthstone / Zodiac Rings

I was doing Blog Talk Radio a few weeks ago with a friend of mine talking about gems & I discussed maybe starting a Birthstone / Zodiac Ring...
Components: copper wire, Peridot, Garnet, Lapis, Carnelian, Chrysoprase, aventurine, Citrine, turquoise, pearl, crystal quartz, opal, Amethyst

Copper Rosette

This was a practice piece which turned out quite good!
Components: 18ga Copper Wire

Rainbow MoonStone

Rainbow Moonstone ring with deep red swarovski crystals on the sides to sparkle. Done in non tarnish silver.
Components: rainbow Moonstone

Simply silver ring

I was at a local bead shop today and saw a ring similar to this and it gave me inspiration! Couldn't wait to come home and try. The 3rd photo is...

Ring a ling a ling 3

These are button rings I've made. I've discovered that it's best to have a short shank on the button and wrap multiple times so the button doesn't...

Ring a ling a ling 1

I've been crazy making rings since I took my are some of the rings I have made - LOVE them!

Toe Ring for Christine

My sister wanted me to make her a toe ring. I had some leftover wire today and thought "aha" I can try to toe ring.

It's Just a Ring

I'm still trying to make friends with the ring mandrel. This one is by far the best I've made. I'll keep practicing. I've been wearing this ring...
Components: 14ga copper wire

First wide band copper ring

the copper, it's all about the copper!! :D
Components: Copper sheet metal, glass leaves, careful cutting, shaping, and hammering and such.

Cleopatra's Asp and Company

Wanted to make a ring...made four of them...the "Asp" was the last. Time to take a break from rings, again.
Components: 16ga copper and ring mandrel

Fruit punch

This was my attempt at home making the ring all by myself! I am so excited to know how to make rings - I cannot even tell you!!! :))

I learned to make rings!

I took a class at my one of my local bead stores on Wednesday and this is what we made.
The first one is made with sterling wire, swar(sp?)...

A BIG Ring to match the cuff, heh

The cuff inspired a matching ring, lol ;)
Components: 18 gg copper wire, brown and green stones.

Apatite Ring

Yet another ring - love making them can you tell?!♥

This one is done with chips of gorgeous blue apatite. Size 7 1/2
Components: non tarnish silver wire, Apatite

Silver / Copper Ring

Twists of silver & copper together to bring you this ring. I've added 2 tiny swarovski crystals to give it that extra sparkle!
Components: copper wire, crystals

black and white

When I first noticed this button I thought about a ring
Components: Shell button, non tarnish silver plated wire

Garnet Ring

This is a ring I did the other night with some gorgeous garnet chips - they're the color of a rich Burgandy wine! What do you think of this ring?...
Components: silver copper wire, garnet chip beads

I tried A Ring

I have been watching all the amazing rings posted lately so I gave it a try.
Components: Copper wire, pearl, shell

LadyLike Ring

For the ladies ;)
Components: Wire n freshwaterpearl

Lets Smash the Wire

Strarted playin whit the wires. Not perfectly satisfied whit the plated brozed wire, the plating is really delicate, so wwhat I did was smashing it...
Components: Diff. wires

Pure Easy Ring

Also a easy ring to do. Just wrapp the silver around the copper, turn the copper into a knot, hammer it, done!
Components: Copperwire, Silverplated copperwire

A Lil Bit Goth Ring

One of the most simpliest ring designs I have come up whit... This ring become dark n mystic!
Components: Artistic Jasper f rom LB, Wire

Wire Work Rings

More rings to display...and hopefully, sell!

The one on the left is sold!
Components: African Turquoise, Howlite Turquoise, China Chrysoprase, Copper Wire ~ 18ga & 26ga.