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Garden Droplets

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“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.”
-Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden

I am pretty sure my favorite story growing up was The Secret Garden. I used to daydream about finding one and what it would be like. So it comes as no surprise that when I decided to make a Spring inspired necklace, I gravitated towards creating a focal that reflects new life and blossoms dripping from a garden wall.

Project supplies:

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Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1

First I applied patina to the largest African brass ball we have :-)
I brushed on layers of moss, verdigris, and jade from the weathered copper patina kit, adding in tiny touches of Amethyst from the Victorian Gable Patina Kit. I then took the relief block and lightly buffed until I had my desired look.

See Tip: Using Vintaj Patinas

Step 2

I also applied patina to the pewter lily drop using agate in the petals, ochre where the pollen would be, and moss on the leaves and loop. Ochre and agate are from the retro highway patina kit and moss is from the weathered copper patina kit.

See Tip: Using Vintaj Patinas

Step 3

Once the colored pieces are dry, I began making my droplets. See the following steps for each droplet below.

Step 4

Tanzanite charm connected to chain, with an etched chain link used as a jump ring to connect the droplet to the silk string

See Tip: Wire Wrap a Charm

Step 5

Cut 4" length of silk string. Tie knot at one end and string on a ceramic bead. String silk through chain, add on another ceramic bead and knot at the end of the silk string. Etched chain link used as a jump ring to connect the droplet to the silk string.

Step 6

Using approximately 1.5" of etched chain, connect gold leaf and wire wrapped charms to form this droplet.

See Tip: Wire Wrap a Charm

Step 7

Cut an 8" length of silk string. Begin at one end knotting on glass teardrops individually, spacing anywhere from 5-10mm apart. String the silk through the etched chain so that approximately half the string is on each side of the chain and knot in place to secure string to chain. Attach wire wrapped pendant to the silk string with a knot approximately 1" from end of string. Place patinated pewter lily drop at the end and knot to secure in place. Attach lucite leaf and Earthenwood egg to chain.

Step 8

Now that all of the droplets are created, take a 7" length of the silk string and string all of the droplets on. Double your silk string over and string through large African brass ball. Once strung through the bead, string through loop of wire wrapped Tanzanite link, and tie several knots to secure. Tuck tails of silk string back into the African brass bead.

Step 9

Create chain using 2' of flat oval cable chain and 20" of etched oval cable chain. I wanted to give the chain some subtle detail without distracting from the focal, so I broke up the flat oval into sections at the front of the necklace. I then doubled up the etched chain placing it those gaps. Once the chain is complete and attached to the focal, string on 2 glass rings down onto the African brass.

See Tip: Closing A Jump Ring

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