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Rippling Creek Necklace

Rippling Creek Necklace
Rippling Creek Necklace

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Rippling Creek Necklace
Rippling Creek Necklace

Project details:

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I just love the pattern in Red Creek Jasper. It reminds me of the pattern on Fall leaves. The colors are so earthy, so they pair really well with Vintaj Natural Brass. The New Jade brings out the brighter tones in the pattern and adds additional sparkle :-) African turquoise 4mm and Vintaj corrugated beads are the perfect filler bead, adding the *je ne sais quoi*. I'm sure you can guess where the ripples are played out - leather. I know, I know, I managed to put leather in another project! It just fits so well with the stones and gives the piece texture.

Supplies you’ll need:

  • 1/2 strand of Red Creek Jasper Nuggets (faceted or smooth)
  • 20 New Jade Faceted Round 6mm (a little less than a 1/2 strand)
  • 25 African Turquoise Round 4mm
  • 8 Vintaj Natural Brass Corrugated Melon Bead 4mm
  • 3 Vintaj Natural Brass filigree tube beads 8mm
  • 2 20" lengths of bronze medium beading wire
  • 4 Vintaj tube crimp beads
  • 20" deertan leather lace 10mm
  • 16" deertan leather lace 3mm
  • Vintaj Natural Brass hook and eye clasp
  • 9" Vintaj Natural Brass large curb chain
  • 10 Vintaj Natural Brass etched jump rings

Step-by-Step Instructions:


Step 1

Lay out your necklace to get the general idea of where you want the larger beads to be. Once you have that part decided, you can begin filling in with 4mm beads.


Step 2

Crimp a loop at one end of each of the 20" lengths of beading wire. Keep a short tail pulled through the crimp, enough to double back through a Vintaj corrugated bead. Make sure your loop is large enough to string the 3mm leather lace through twice.
String the inner strand using mostly the faceted round 6mm new jade beads on the 20" length of medium wire. Pepper in some 4mm round African turquoise and Vintaj corrugated rounds. Finished length should be around 8".
String the outer strand using mainly Red Creek Jasper. Stringing this necklace involves sewing leather lace onto the beading wire. String on about 2" worth of beads, then sew in the leather. To make a group of ripples, I created that shape with my fingers folding the leather back and forth, then I took my hole punch and punched through the leather lace. To go around a bead, pull the leather around said bead and mark the hole with a pin or pencil, then punch.


Step 3

Continue stringing beads and sewing leather in groups until you are satisfied. Lay out the 2 strands next to each other as they will appear on a neck. This is the time where you can adjust placement if needed. Once you are happy, crimp the ends of each strand, just as before.

See Tip: Crimping Basics


Step 4

String 4" of the 3mm leather lace through one end of each strand twice. Tie an overhand knot at the top of the loops.


Step 5

Take the 3-4" tail of leather and string through the eye of the hook and eye clasp set twice. Then tie a couple knots, dab with adhesive.
Place 4 Vintaj etched jump rings over the leather knots and loop tops.

See Tip: Closing A Jump Ring


Step 6

Before attaching the other end of the necklace to the chain using the leather, tie a few knots in the longer length of leather. String on 3 Vintaj filigree tube beads.

Step 7

Repeat step 5. Attach to the chain rather than the eye, knotting the leather just as before. :-) Make sure that the length of leather is even with the inner strand that features the new jade.
Place 4 Vintaj etched jump rings over the leather knots and loop tops.

See Tip: Closing A Jump Ring

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