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African Waters Necklace

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African Waters was inspired by the very old "Roman Glass" beads and my desire to use the large sun coin. Combining old with new is a wonderful dichotomy. The use of the salmon Irish waxed linen adds the colors of the sun rising & setting from coast to coast.

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Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1

Make a wire wrapped link using 16" of a doubled over 20gauge brass wire and the African large sun. In order to make the loops larger I recommend using bail making pliers.
To make your tassel that attached to the link, cut 8x 3.5"-5" lengths of crystal bead chain. String a 8" length of 7-ply Irish waxed linen through the middle of each chain snippet. Double over your waxed linen and tie an overhand knot. Now attach the tassel to the link using another knot. Don't cut your remaining waxed linen yet. String on African brass rice bead and an African small sun bead to hang with the tassel. Trim out the bottom of each of your tassel ends with a bit of the waxed linen.

See Tip: Wire Wrap a Bead Link

Step 2

String 12" of small "Roman Glass" beads onto a 36" length of the same Irish waxed linen. At the middle point of you waxed linen wrap and tie onto the top loop of the link focal. Finish stringing the other side of the necklace with the remaining 12" of "Roman Glass". For added embellishment you can tie knots along the strands.

Step 3

String a 23" length of the same crystal bead chain through the top loop of the link focal, behind the glass beads.

Step 4

String the 2 necklaces together at each end using the remaining waxed linen from the beaded portions. Tie several knots.

Step 5

Finish your necklace by stringing a lobster clasp on the right side and a 9mm jump ring on the left. You can use leftover beads from trimming your crystal chain and stringing your glass to add embellishment to either end.

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