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Hidden Cove Necklace

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Quartz, crystals, and a starfish focal make-up this beach-inspired necklace.

Supplies you’ll need:

See below for materials used.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1

Make a bead link with four of the crystal points. Make two more bead links with 5 of the 3mm crystals on each.

Step 2

On each side of the link with the crystal points, attach a 1" piece of gold chain. At the ends of the chain, attach the other links on each side.

Step 3

To the top of the bead links, attach a 2.5" piece of gold chain to both sides. Attach a jump ring to the ends of the chain, and slide on a 5" piece of bead chain to both sides. Attach a piece of gold chain to the ends of the bead chain- whichever length you choose.

Step 4

At the center of the gold chain, attach a piece of the bead chain that's 3 links long to both sides of the chain. Attach a jump ring to the ends, and attach the starfish charm to both jump rings.

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