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Chakra Energy Necklace

Project details:

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Channel your positive energy with this chakra pendant. Some say the Chakra may help create balance and positive energy. Besides possibly having mindful benefits, its also is a trendy pendant to wear.

Supplies you’ll need:

You will need a strand of 7mm rainbow lava rock, a strand of 6mm metallic lava rock, 20 gauge wire, 24 gauge wire, round nose pliers, a jump ring, and chain. You can make a few pendants out of these supplies.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1

Slide your beads onto 6 or 7" of 20 gauge wire, use your pliers to turn up the ends so they don't slide off. I added one metallic lava rock bead for a pop of color.

Step 2

You are essentially creating a bead link, so with your pliers create a loop and wrap the wire around a few times and trim the excess off. Do the same on the other end. The take the 24 gauge wire and wrap it around the loop at the top, then wrap between the beads, over a bead and so on. Wrap the extra wire securely around the bottom loop and trim.

See Tip: Wire Wrap a Bead Link

Step 3

Once you are done add on a jump ring and chain. You can add an embellishment on the bottom loop if you prefer.

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