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Jeweled Ornament Necklace

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This piece is definitely one that grew in detail. I knew I wanted to embroider, but wasn't sure what I needed it to look like. I decided that the Czech Bali style beads were a beautiful choice that could be used as flowers. I think I could even cover an entire felt ball with these, it would be so pretty! :) The pendant only took about 30 minutes to make and the necklace chain anther 30 minutes for a total project investment of 1 hour. Just make sure have nice selection of seed beads in complimentary colors and thread to go with your felt selection.

Supplies you’ll need:

  • 20mm felt round
  • Czech Glass Bali Style Daisy Spacer
  • 11/0 & 15/0 seed beads
  • 2" head pin
  • C-Lon Size D Thread for embroidering the beads
  • 66" small cable chain
  • 21 gauge to 22 gauge wire to match chain
  • tools - needles, wire cutters, round nose pliers

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1

Mark your pattern on your felt with a fabric pencil or begin by jumping right in like I did :) Cut a reasonable amount of thread, tie the end in a knot, thread the needle from the bottom through the top of the bead. I began by stitching lines around my ball, dividing it into 4 quadrants.

Step 2

I began my bead embroidery with the the more crucial components, the Czech Bali style daisy spacers. String your spacer flat against then felt, then string 3 15/0 seed beads up to your spacer. Loop your needle back through the 3 seed beads creating a circlet against the spacer, then string your needle through the top of the daisy spacer to the other side of the felt round and repeat. I placed 4 of these around the felt and one on the bottom. I embellished with 11/0 seed beads in a row above and below the daisies. In long rows in between the daisies, I varied stitching seed bead scallops or long seed bead lines. Make sure to not add seed beads too close the the top or your focal, otherwise you will have a hard time adding a bead cap.

Step 3

To finish the focal take a 2" head pin and snip the tip to a sharp angle so that you can puncture through the felt. I snuck the tip of the head pin underneath the daisy spacer on the bottom of the focal and pushed it straight up through the top. Then string on your chosen bead cap and a make a wire wrapped loop. I chose to embellish my loop with extra 15/0 seed beads.
To make the chain, cut your 66" in half, double up your chain, string on your focal and connect all 4 ends with a wire wrapped bead link. I made several of these links throughout the chain to tie in some of the color found in the focal.

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