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Atlantis Cowl

About this design:

I think this is a great way to use the new sari silk cord. One skein can create two shorter cowls or one that is double layered. This is a great project for kids. These would be awesome hand-made gifts!

What you’ll need:

I used one Atlantis 100% Silk Sari Ribbon Cording skein and my hands. You can use any type of sari silk cording or ribbon. You could stitch on beads to add sparkle or finish the end with a Czech glass button.

Additional Images:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1:
Start with the tail of your sari cord between your thumb and index finger.
Step 2:
Wrap the cord clockwise around your index finger and clockwise around middle finger.
Step 3:
Wrap the cord clockwise around your pinky finger an extra time.
Step 4:
Go back and start wrapping the cord counter-clockwise around your ring finger until you get back to your index finger.
Step 5:
Now you have two loops on each finger, grab the bottom loop and bring it over the top loop and over your fingertip.
Step 6:
Do Step 5 for each finger.
  Step 7:
Now you will start back at Step 2 and keep repeating this step until you have reached your desired length. The cowl width will be as wide as your hand.
Step 8:
This is what the back of your hand will look like when you are knitting, it will start taking shape once you have more length.
Step 9:
To finish the cowl, knot the end that you started with. At the other end I left a tail of cord so I could feed it through my loops and knot those together. Then I knotted both ends together. I stitched my knot to make sure it will be extra secure. Trim off any excess cord.