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Concho Rattlesnake Earrings

Concho Rattlesnake Earrings
Concho Rattlesnake Earrings

Project details:

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Our sinuous rattlesnake is elegant in this simple earring design. Gold and Turquoise are gorgeous together, but these would look great in silver or copper, too! Designed by Tracy Proctor.

Tip: The rattlesnake links can be positioned head up or down, or asymmetrically!

Supplies you’ll need:

2 Concho Earring Post
2 Rattlesnake Link
2 Eye Pin 2" 21ga
2 Head Pin 2" 21ga
2 Gemstone 3mm Faceted Bead 2 Gemstone 5-6mm Chip Bead

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1

String one 3mm gemstone bead onto one head pin. Use round nose pliers to form a simple loop large enough to attach to the rattlesnake link, trimming excess wire. Repeat. Set aside.

Step 2

Repeat Step 1 using chip gemstone beads and eye pins.

Step 3

Open loop of a 3mm bead dangle and attach to one end of a rattlesnake link. Close loop.

Step 4

Open one loop of a gemstone link and attach to other end of rattlesnake link. Close loop. Open loop at other side and attach to earring post, making sure rattlesnake link is facing forward. Close loop.

Step 5

Repeat Steps 3-4 for second earring.

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