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Sacred Cove Beach Necklace

Sacred Cove Beach Necklace
Sacred Cove Beach Necklace

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Sacred Cove Beach Necklace

Project details:

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I am in love the patterns and coloration of Larimar. I decided to pair it up with sandy-toned porcelain beads and carnelian for a pop of color.

Supplies you’ll need:

You will need a half strand of 8-10x7-9mm Larimar nuggets, half strand of faceted Carnelian rondelles, knotting cord, antique silver curved spacers, porcelain beads, porcelain pendant, a sand dollar charm & button.

Step-by-Step Instructions:


Step 1

I cut around 3' of knotting cord. Start by wrapping the cord around the porcelain focal neatly several times. The create double over hand knot or your favorite knot.


Step 2

Start stringing on the porcelain beads. String the cord through the bead then over the side of the bead and back through. String on 3 beads on each side of the pendant.


Step 3

Start knotting. Use a head pin or tack to pull on your knot loop so it is nice and tight up to the bead. String on the beads in the order shown with knots in between each. When you string on the porcelain beads follow Step 2 again.

See Tip: Chinese Knotting Cord


Step 4

Create a a second layer with your cord without cutting it. Tie on your sand dollar charm in the middle of the second layer. Then, string on a few porcelain beads follow Step 2.


Step 5

Tie knots on each side so the necklace layers lay evenly. To finish this necklace tie on the sand dollar button. On the other side tie a loop that just fits the sand dollar button.

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