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'Tis the Season Pendant

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I created a woven bezel using peyote stitch to showcase our new line of fabulous snowflake cabochons.

Some experience with peyote stitch helps, but this project is suitable for beginner bead weavers as well!

Note: I keep high tension throughout this whole design to ensure a snug fit around the cab.

Supplies you’ll need:

1 Snowflake Cabochon 11/0 Miyuki Delica Seed Beads - color of your choice 15/0 TOHO Seed Beads - color of your choice C-lon Size D thread 1 John James Size 10 Ball Point Bead Embroidery Needle 18" Finished Chain Bead Mat

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1

Cut about a yard of your thread and string on your needle.

I like to prep for the project by pouring a small pile of each bead onto my mat.

Step 2

Pick up 52 delica seed beads.

Step 3

Create a loop by stringing back through all the beads, starting with the first bead added and ending by exiting the last bead added. Leave a 5" or so tail.

In the image below my working end of the thread is on the left and my tail is on the right.

Step 4

Begin peyote stitch to create a second row of delicas: Working counter clockwise, pick up 1 delica, skip a bead and pass your needle through the 2nd bead in the loop.

Step 5

The newly added delica settles next to the delica you passed through.

Step 6

Repeat step 4 and continue peyote stitching around the loop. You'll pick up a delica, skip a bead, passing through the next bead in the loop. A hopscotch pattern starts to form.

Step 7

Continue until you have stitched all the around the loop. When adding your last delica of the second row is added, you'll "step up" by passing your needle through the "first second row delica" you added.

In the image below my needle is mid passing through the first "second row delica" I added. To the right you can see the last delica I need to add to the row is on the thread.

Step 8

The second row is now finished. My working thread is to the left and tail is to the right.

Step 9

Adding beads from here on is really easy.

Begin creating the third row. Pick up one 15/0, working counter clockwise, pass through the very next delica.

Step 10

Continue adding 15/0's around the ring. Once you're ready to add your last 15/0 in the row you'll again "step up." Pass through the very next delica and up through the first 15/0 you added to do so.

In the image below my needle is mid making the step up.

Step 11

The third row is completed.

Step 12

Note: From this step on keeping the tension tight is important. We're going to see how the design quickly starts to "cup." This is what we're looking for to hold the cab in place.

We're going to add another row of 15/0 beads in a similar manner. Working counter clockwise, pick up a 15/0 and pass through the very next 15/0.

The newly added 15/0 settles on top of row 1 and row 2 delicas.

Step 13

Continue adding beads until the row is completed. Step up again. We'll be adding one more row of 15/0's.

Step 14

Before we add the third, and last, row of 15/0 beads on this side, pop in your cab.

Working on the last row with the cab in place is a little tricky, but important to ensure the last row of 15/0's lays nicely on the face of the cab.

Step 15

Complete your last row of 15/0 seed beads. Do not step up.

Step 16

Work your thread through to the opposite side of the cab by weaving in and out of the beads. It doesn't matter what thread path you take to get to the other side, just be sure you weave so your thread remains hidden and you exit a delica so you can continue weaving counter clockwise.

See image below for how your thread should look once you're on the other side.

Step 17

Another view of what your design should look like up to this point.

Step 18

Add one row of 15/0's: Working clockwise, pick up a 15/0 and pass through the very next delica.

In the image below i've already added three 15/0s.

Step 19

Step up through the first 15/0 you added in the row.

Step 20

Pass your thread through each of the 15/0's to cinch in the bezel. Do this more than once if necessary.

The image below is what your design will look like after this step.

Step 21

If you think that your bezel is not on snugly at this point, you can weave in and out of your design as needed to tighten everything up.

Step 22

Now that we've created the bezel, we need to make a bail. Work your thread from the back of the bezel to the middle, exiting a delica that makes the "spine" of the bezel. See image below. My working thread is exiting the delica left.

Step 23

Pick up 4 delicas. Pass your needle up through the first three delicas added.

Step 24

Pick up three delicas. Pass through the opposite side of the same delica your thread is exiting and up the next two delicas.

Step 25

Repeat step 24.

Step 26

Pick up a 15/0 and pass down the direct next delica.

Step 27

Add 15/0s all the way down between the delicas. (Sorry my work flipped in the image below)

Pass your needle under the opposite side of "spine" delica .

Step 28

Add 15/0's up the other side of the bail.

Step 29

Pass your needle through the top delica of the bail. Fold the bail over and finish attaching it to the bezel by passing through that same "spine" delica. It might be a little tight as we've passed under this delica a few times now.

Keep working your thread along the spine, weaving in and out of beads in different directions to secure the thread.

Clip your thread once you've secured it.

Weave your tail in and out of the design in the manner. Clip once secured.

Slide onto your finished chain and you're done!

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