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Happy Trails Necklace

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This color combo is one of my favorites, it has summer transitioning to fall hues with big sparkle. You can wear it as a double wrap bracelet too, you may need to adjust the length accordingly.

Supplies you’ll need:

You will need:

  • Chinese knotting cord .5mm in 2 colors
  • 6x9mm Czech glass rondelles in 5 colors, one srand of each I added in another option in case the yellow opal is out of stock. Product 18769
  • Green Girl arrow toggle - I listed a few options in the product list below

Required tools: lighter and sharp scissors

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1

Cut at least 3.5ft of each color of cord. This all depends on how long you want the necklace or if you prefer bracelet length. Create a loop at the top with both cords and knot it tightly. Make sure the loop is big enough for your clasp. Use the lighter to slightly burn the knot to seal and secure it. Use a clipboard to clip your cord onto. Clip the loop down.

Step 2

Use the lighter to burn the ends of your cord tails until the cord melts a little. When still warm pull on the end of the cord to get it really thin and cut at a slight angle. This will ensure you can easily get both cords through the beads.

Step 3

I used a snake knot which will give you a nice clean look. There is a tip link below or you can follow my images in the steps below.

See Tip: Tying the Snake Knot

Step 4

Slide your first bead on. Then create a snake knot. Take the right tail, slide it behind the left tail.

Step 5

Bring the right tail up and over the left tail.

Step 6

Bring the left tail over and behind both tails and down through the right tail loop.

Step 7

It should look like this, a bow shape. Now pull them tight will pushing it up towards the base of the bead.

Step 8

You should see both colors in the knot.

Step 9

Slide the next bead on and continue making a snake knot in between each bead.

Step 10

When you have reached your desired length, tie on the clasp and create a few knots to secure it. Burn the knot slightly to secure the knot.

Step 11


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