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Follow along with step-by-step beading projects and share your designs with beaders around the world—it’s quick & easy!

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Holiday on the Mediterranean

A friend of mine wanted something for her friend that is an art teacher. We talked and decided on a handmade chain with ancient Roman glass, which...
Components: Ancient Roman glass, Larimar, copper

Ali 's garland

Finally getting around to trying out Ali's garland project ...the tiered tassles really are the perfect size ....I have a winter woods theme in...
Components: Tiered tassels, crystal drops, C lon thread

Thin Point Fringe Necklace

These thin point focals are beautiful on their own or in groups. I chose to mix 2 colors I wouldn't typically mix, but I'm really happy with the...

Turquoise Spikes

A simple, polished silhouette is created by setting the thin spike focal into a cord end. Turquoise is my favorite color in every shade, so using...

Seaside Christmas Ornament Set

Create a beautiful set of seaside inspired ornaments.

Vintage Filigree Pendant

I was out in the shop and the box of these on the shelf caught my eye, so I walked over and picked one up. Instantly this image of matte teardrops...

Night Out Earrings

I love how the 16x6mm Czech teardrops move when grouped together, especially when hung from chandeliers :)

Arctic Drops

I'm not sure if it's the AB finish, the opalescence, or the soft metallic luster (or all 3) that made me fall in love with these teardrops. They...

Cobalt Droplets

Teardrops and chandelier components are the perfect earring pairing :)

Sparkling Tannenbaum Ornament

Following on the heels of my icicle ornaments I thought to flip the design and make little Christmas tree ornaments. These are so fun to make. You...

Midnight Earrings

Using these ready made woven beads is wonderful for earrings! An 8mm round bead or a teardrop is perfect to drop from the bottom of the woven bead...

Frozen Necklace

Earrings are fun with these beads, but I wanted to explore other ways to use them, especially with wire. I came up with the gentle arc on 18 gauge...

Stay Strong Necklace

I love that in India, the elephant is a symbol of strength and wisdom. The black & silver colors paired with the bold oranges in these woven...

Ethereal Necklace Chain

The colors in this woven piece called for delicate gold chain and a little sparkle!

Boho Beauty Earrings

I know these are large woven diamonds, but they are really lightweight and make perfect statement earrings! Add a 20x9mm Czech Glass Teardrop...

Beach Beautiful Necklace

The colors in this woven diamond are natural and earthy. Pairing with turquoise and cowrie shell really emphasizes this vibe.

Holly Berries Earrings

These are so simple and easy for the holidays. Use an ear wire with a larger loop so that you can easily loop through the bead. This works great!

Red String Hamsa Necklace

I love the idea of using a string with these Hamsa focal links as a necklace. Add a tiny tassel and done!

Inky Tapestry Necklace

The black in this woven diamond appears to have been inked on, which made me want to pair it with a black chain and long slender black tassel. The...

Metallic Lava Memory Wire Bracelet

This metallic lava is so striking. It has all the same texture you expect with lava rock with a wonderful metallic finish.

Metallic Vintage Lava Earrings

Using these large Nunn ear wires with the metallic lava rock is a great way to get a vintage vibe with a touch of texture.

Wire Wrapped Metallic Lava Drops

These earrings are fun and colorful. Make them as long or short as you want. I like combining the 6mm rounds with a 10mm round.

Christmas Mantle Garland

I always want to add a little something extra to my fireplace mantle each holiday season. This is the perfect balance of sparkle and fiber :)

Crystal Wreath Ornament

As a child, I used to make these with my grandma using beads and pipe cleaners. I decided with such lovely crystal colors, that I could update this...

Frozen Ornament

This pendant, although it will make an amazing necklace pendant was screaming to me to be an ornament this year.

Easy Crystal Snowflakes

Snowflakes are one of my favorite things to make with my kids in the winter months. They make great gifts for teachers, aunts, uncles, and...

Swirling Icicles

This is probably one of the easiest winter decorations to make. You will get a lot of sparkle if you use crystal, and since this type of icicle is...

Diamondback Wrap Bracelet

This bracelet has a modern Southwest vibe displaying the perfect mix of metal and microsuede.

Steam Punk Love

Friends of mine were having a Steam Punk show and opening at a gallery and I decided to design and wear a necklace to go with the theme. I had a...
Components: This is made of junk from my stash (the big heart, old bail, compass, three chains, an old key, a couple of beads, jump rings) and some finds from the Restore (Habitat for Humanity) where I always find interesting stuff. The middle drop has some beads, a bearing wheel, part of a door stop and a clear glass drop from my focal collection. I've also used an old token, a big gear, the front of a broken locket, and parts from several earrings. I like to buy jars of junk jewelry at thrift stores and paw through them for gold. I mostly find junk, but I have fun.

Young Elegance

Seems I have seen pieces like the silver colored ones way back in my childhood. Being over 80 it could have been anywhere. I have always loved...
Components: Antique silver jump rings chain silver plated alligator clip fastener

Shipwreck Necklaces

I have a problem deciding which pieces to use. This necklace combination is another example of that. I love how it reminds me of a handful of lost...

Sweet Beachy Bracelet

So lightweight & reminiscent of tiny shells I would find walking along the shore as a child. Easily strings up onto waxed linen. This could also be...

Sea Treasure Collection

I had all of our shell pieces on my work table at home since it's summer and schedules are crazy. My kids saw the shells and got very excited. They...

Woven Rings Chain

I love the idea of having a looping necklace that lays how it lays. This larger radiant focal works so well as an actual center focal piece or an...

Ablaze Earrings

Earrings are a great way to make a statement without a lot of effort :) The hand woven double diamonds add great style and all you need to do is...

Red Earth Bracelet

The small radiant focals make the perfect centerpiece for a bracelet. I love stacking my bracelets and already have a bunch in mind to wear with...

Vogue Thread Wrapped Earrings

I bet you are seeing these trendy earrings all over the place. We just love how lightweight they are, allowing you to make a bold statement without...

Bronzed Micro Suede Wrap Necklace

Microsuede is so easy to work with and our metallic microsuede is no different! Center the green glass bead portion of the necklace at the front of...

Jet Tiger Wrap Necklace

The subtle shimmer in this metallic jet microsuede is such a nice compliment to the striking pattern in tiger eye. I love the large hole pendants,...

Snowflakes for Christmas

For several years, I've enjoyed making snowflakes for Christmas as decorations and gifts. Last year I laid a couple on top of each other to make...
Components: Snowflake wires from Lima in 3.5"; 6"; and 9". (This particular design is a 6" wired onto a 9".) Your choice of beads to create your one of kind project. I really enjoy using crystals and glass pearls as they shimmer wherever you put them.