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Follow along with step-by-step beading projects and share your designs with beaders around the world—it’s quick & easy!

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Fright Night Charm Bracelet

The color palette & charms I used for this easy to make seed bead charm bracelet make it the perfect accessory for Halloween

Blossoming Branch Necklace

To make this blossoming branch focal, I simply slid daisy spacers onto headpins, and wrapped them around the branches. This is a very simple way to...

Spirit of the Plains Necklace

These wood resin sticks make it easy to create a simple focal bib necklace using your favorite color combinations!

Redrum Necklace

I used different shades of red crystals to create the effect of dripping blood for this Halloween-inspired necklace

Black Cat Earrings

I used lava rock, seed beads, and cat ear bead caps to create these simple black cat earrings

Skeleton Queen Earrings

With some crystal skulls & tassels, you can make these fun skeleton earrings for a great Halloween accessory!

Dancing Skulls Necklace

I wanted to make a subtle, sleek design using skulls -- I know, I know, skulls aren't really subtle or sleek. Then I came across our small flat...

Day of the Dead Necklace

I wanted to create a "calaverita" a day of the dead decoration that is used to honor a loved one who has passed. This is an eye-catching seasonal...

Château du Bois Necklace Set

The Amethyst & Gold in this necklace really make the Terra Agate stand out, and the tassels are great for adding a simple focal element.

Pumpkin Spice Necklace

I was looking through the new chain here at Lima and loved how these three chains complemented each other. I thought these would make a great...

Grassy Meadow Necklace

I created this focal necklace by simply attaching small pieces of chain to this chevron link, and the ring chain I used works great for attaching...

Gilded Autumn Necklace

I used this Indonesian Fossil Jasper along with a gold arc focal and some crystal bead chain to create a simple layered necklace.

Chevron Earrings

These earrings are simple, but really stand out! Simply slide some agate chevron beads & hematite chevrons onto a headpin & attach an earwire.

Emerald Isle Necklace

The Mermaids fanned tassel works great as a unique focal. The mermaid acetate coins & the hematite links, along with the gold chain really bring...

Chevron Bracelet Stack

Create a simple bracelet stack with these agate chevron beads & some Chinese knotting cord.

Champagne Blush Necklace

Make any necklace instantly stand out by adding these great fanned tassel focals! I think the tassels look the best on a longer necklace- for this...

Easy Earrings w/ Laser Etched Crystal

The metallic finish on these laser etched crystal beads is highly reflective, which is fantastic for a faceted bead alternative! The matte beads...

Jewels of The Nile Necklace

I absolutely love prehnite gemstones and I wanted to show off how beautiful they are. I was inspired by African and Egyptian jewelry exhibits I...

Harvest Moon Necklace

I created this focal by simply making a bead link and attaching it to a u-shaped pendant.

Harvest Moon Bracelet

The colors in this multi gemstone strand work great together-making it easy to design with. For this bracelet, I only needed to pair the gemstone...

Chakra Shambala Bracelet

The concept of a chakra bracelet pairs really well with the Shambala style bracelet. This is easy to knot and you can make it larger or shorter by...

Fanned Lava Chakra Necklace

Center yourself subtly with this necklace. Each chakra is tucked in between the natural lava rock fan.

Lava & Picture Jasper Starred Bracelet

I love the layered patterning in picture jasper and its implicit connection to the Earth. By combining it with the unwaxed lava I can add essential...

Chakra Energy Necklace

Channel your positive energy with this chakra pendant. Some say the Chakra may help create balance and positive energy. Besides possibly having...

The Wisdom Keeper Necklace

Lapis is said bring clarity and wisdom. This pendant is stunning and easy to make. I have been wanting to create a large funky bail, so I tried...

Mind, Body, Soul Necklace

With this necklace, experience the calming & grounding benefits of lava rock, along with the healing properties of amethyst. You can also put a few...

Positive Vibes Necklace

With this necklace, experience the mind clearing & stress relieving properties of Amber, as well as the soothing energy from the Amazonite.

Woven Focal Necklace

Link these woven focal pieces together for a fun & unique statement necklace!

Woven Tortoise Shell Earrings

These statement earrings are made by simply gluing an acetate coin to these woven focals.

Gilded Raffia Earrings

Simply add your favorite links to these versatile raffia pieces for easy-to-make statement earrings or a necklace!

Nassa Shell Anklet

Attach these shell charms to your favorite bead chain for an on-trend anklet or bracelet.

Raffia Tassel Keyring

These raffia tassels are perfect for adding some color to your key ring!

Fanned Raffia Necklace

These fanned raffia focals are perfect for a fun & unique statement necklace!

Tibetan Daydream Necklace

For this necklace, I decided to use Lapis, Chrysocolla, White Howlite, and gold accents to accenctuate these great Tibetan focal beads.

Santa Fe Necklace

This enamel chain is perfect for creating a delicate, layered necklace.

Moonlit Glow Necklace

This delicate layered necklace is made with a mix of silver chains and pops of color made by adding bead links & charms.

Seashell Satchel

This is a great way to display a focal piece instead of just hanging from a boring jump ring. These are on trend and really easy to make.

Galaxy Earrings

Use the druzy star links to make these unique statement earrings.

Pipa Knot Pendant

I loved the look of this braided teardrop, it can be used as a pendant but also looks great as a bracelet.

Square Knot Keychain

This keychain is made with a simple square knot and your favorite cord.