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Peacock Queen Necklace

Peacock Queen Necklace
Peacock Queen Necklace

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Peacock Queen Necklace
Peacock Queen Necklace

Project details:

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One day, I woke up really wanting to resin a feather, specifically a peacock feather. Once I had that part figured out all I needed to do was find complementary pieces. I chose the African Brass beads because they have great grooves to color with Gilders Paste and the style and shimmer reminded me of the peacock feather. Also, the holes for stringing are large enough for leather. The leather colors I picked are a metallic leather cord and a green leather lacing. I had the metallic cord, which I absolutely love, left over from another project. It matches the style and colors of the feather perfectly.

Supplies you’ll need:

  • Gaea Ceramic Antique on Chocolate Round Bezel 29mm
  • Lima Studios Crystal Clear Resin
  • Lima Studios 2-part epoxy
  • 2 large African brass beads
  • 1’ Tamba leather cord 2.0mm
  • 20 Vintaj Natural Brass etched jump ring 9.5mm
  • 10.5” Vintaj Natural Brass petite etched oval cable chain
  • 1 Vintaj Natural Brass swirl clasp set
  • 1 Vintaj creative hoop
  • 2’ Mehandi leather lacing
  • Gilders Paste in: Iris Blue, African Bronze, German Silver
  • Glitter to match your feather

Step-by-Step Instructions:


Step 1

I found through much trial and error that clear packing tape is the best option when needing to cut a peacock feather for a resin bezel.


Step 2

Use Lima Studios 2-part epoxy to secure the feather (in packing tape) to the bezel, pressing down firmly until dry. Then you can begin pouring and layering the resin.

See Tip: Preparing and Using Resin


Step 3

Don’t be afraid to put the Gilders Paste on heavy. If you want the color to pop you need to do this, remember that you can always buff it away.


Step 4

Bending the creative hoop outward works great for making a stiff center curve in my necklace and the holes on each end make it super easy to attach the chain.


Step 5

Tightly wrap the leather lacing along the entire length of the creative hoop. Use a drop of glue at each end to hold in place. Don’t knot at one end until the beads are strung.


Step 6

Use the leather cord to attach the completed peacock resin pendant to your necklace. I used a lark’s head knot.

See Tip: Tying a Lark's Head Knot

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