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Beach Day Macramé Bail Necklace

Project details:

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This macraméd border technique encases a shimmering black lip shell coin focal. The macramé and shell combination lend a a soft earthy, boho style perfect for the upcoming season.

Supplies you’ll need:

  • PE-4 (1mm) Linhasita cord in beige
  • 1 black lip shell focal
  • 3mm leather cord
  • a pearl bead
  • cord ends
  • glue in hook and eye clasp
  • glue

Recommended tools: scissors and a lighter

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1

Cut a 24" piece of cord and fold in half. Clip to a board for stability. Make sure your pendant fits in between the cord. You want extra room so the macrame fits over the edges of your pendant enough to hold it in. I always make mine a .0.5" wider than the pendant.

Step 2

I cut a 3.5' long piece of cord, just to be sure you don't run out. Fold it 4" down and slide the loop under the left cord and bring the tails of the loop through it as shown. The long loop tail will be your working cord.

Step 3

Take the working cord & create a forward knot as shown. Do it twice each time once over and under and once under and over. Pull the right cord down and out to help tighten the knot. Be sure to keep the width wide enough to fit over your pendant.

Step 4

Take the working tail and switch to the left cord. Take the working cord create a forward knot as shown. Do it twice each time once over and under and once under and over. Keep going back and forth from the right cord to left left to create the border.

Step 5

It should start to look like the first image. Keep checking to see if it fits around your pendant, if it does slide two of the cords through the pendant hole and up to the top. Pull so the macrame is really tight around your pendant. Create an overhand knot. Start a square knot to create the loop.

See Tip: Tying the Square Knot

Step 6

Fold the square knot over to create a loop, make sure it is long enough to fit around your leather cord. Wrap the tails around the base of the square knot loop tightly. Trim the tail off and burn with the lighter carefully to secure the knots. I used a piece of wire the attach the pearl bead onto the bail.

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