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Home Show July 4th weekend

Jewelry displayed at MIL's house for the next 2 weeks!
Components: :D

New Pic Theme II

More of my new picture theme. I think it lets the turquoise show off a bit better.
Components: multiple

New Pic Theme

I've decided that maybe a kitschy picture theme will make my items more recognizable and maybe grab some more interest. What do you think?
Components: multiple

latest set up

Here is my latest display at a recent street fair. I would love some feedback.

What Do YOU Think?

For this show, and the one on the 4th of July weekend (3 day), I thought I would mix it up a bit. Since I use two tables, I will replace one of...

Revised "Seahorse"

The last time I showed these guy's were a little different, Can any of you tell what I did different this time?????????
Components: PMC silver

Inexpensive Earring Display

I found something very inexpensive to use for a three sided earring display....three BBQ trays! They were at the dollar store and cost $1.25 each....
Components: Three wire BBQ trays


Here is my display from this past weekend. I got those two earring stands the night before from a girlfriend at work. I love them. I did not do...


Doing a one girl shindig tomorrow. I am a MESS. I have been SICK (like 2 rounds of antibiotics sick) and have a very croakity frog that has taken...

Mock up for This Weekend

I know, I know it is crowded. The table will be 6 feet so I put my table cloth on the floor to get a better idea for the size. I like the display...

Making Use of Whats Left

Various leftovers. I am trying to use what I have before spending anymore money. Quick earrings and pendants


What a steal I got today. I went to Micheals and saw these 3 items on sale for 90%off. So they were ranging from $1-$1.39. I picked up all the...

Mock display

OK here is my mock display for Saturday. It is the beach theme. This is on a small round table so it looks really crowded right now but you get the...
Components: CD stand, towel rack, some other kitchen rack, various shells and a beach theme box to add height, 2 mirrors, business cards, really cool bottle w top.

Stuff, lots of it! O.O

Stuuf, lots of it, not even ALL of it, just some! The second picture of the copper earrings, are my first handmade earwires! Woot! ::happy dances::
Components: ummmmmmmmmmmmm..... 8O ::drools like a brainless idiot:: they're beads, and stuff....all running together as one GIANT GLOB!!!!!!

Turkey Creek Festival 2009

This is my tent that I set up with when I do an outdoor event. My ex-husband took white vinyl and created the front part of my tent to make...

Final Monterau Display

Well, it was a lovel show with about 10 vendors, 6 of which were jewelry, one with very low prices who stayed very busy. I didn't break even, but...

Earring Display

I just started making earrings and found this dvd stand that works perfect. Not glamorous but it serves it's purpose

Upcoming Show Display Montereau

Okay, ladies, I need your help! I have a special show fri. at a 5 star adult retirement center. I was Invited! There will only be 20 vendors. I...

Yin Yang Dragons Peyote Pannel

This piece was interesting to do, I included the pattern for the second modification that I did.
I found the origional pattern online but changed...
Components: Pony Beads, Red & Black & Clear

Tribal Dragon Peyote Pannel

This is a pattern I made from a tracing of a pic on a notebook that I have. It is a Peyote Stitch pattern and can be done in any number of colors...

Goodwill Finds!

I found these neat things at goodwill. I figure I can have 3 different themes and change them out each week. Since I will be doing the farmers...

First public showing

I bought this wonderful dresser at a booth behind me while I was setting up my display. I love how it added to the look of my booth.

Latest Booth Set up

Here's my latest booth set up. Eric found the shadow box frames on clearance. He took out the glass to make the jewelry accessible. I had a lot of...

Earring Display Sample

Help - My first show is the end of the month. I thought this might be a way of showing some earrings. It is actually a typing stand. I put...

Bracelets & Earring for Sale

Well, I have been recovering from surgery had some time on my hands so I have made all of these bracelets and earrings that I plan on selling in...


Just fussing with the shells to figure out how I want to do my displays at the show. I have 4 of the flat shells and numerous other shells...

Holiday Bazaar

I exhibited at an elementary school holiday bazaar yesterday. Made a small profit and met some beaders who live one town over. So I consider it...

Show number Three

With your feedback, this is my show # 3 display. I used an over the kitchen shelf across the back of my table and put 6" bed raisers under my...

Holiday Booth

Last weekend I had two Holiday shows.... here are some pictures of both shows... one was at night.. one in the daytime.... I tried to highlight...

Last show display

I have posted this for a second time for a reason. I so respect and appreciate you ladies feedback. I have my third show sat. and I am planning...

Consignment Window!

My first consignment pieces in the local bead store!
I have the 3 necklaces on the bust on the left and 2 pairs of earrings.

ChicagoBorn Crafts

Primarily, my display consists of three 4-panel fireplace screens. Go figure! I was looking for something tall on which to display my rosaries...

Craft show #2

My 2nd show ever. Any suggestions on how to do something besides my monster bulletin board? Also, alot of items are similar. I tried to group by...

Craft Show #3

Here's my third and latest set-up. I made a backdrop from painted PVC pipe and sheer curtains. More wire grids and lights! I bought some over the...

Craft Show #2

This was my second craft show at the South Lyon Pumpkinfest October 2009. Now I have three tables-more lights a better use of space.

Craft Show #1

Here's my first craft show display. Not a bad first try...but I had a lot of room for improvement! One table-a couple of sets of wire grids. I...

Ocean Jasper & Pearls

Donated these pieces to a local annual Ball that benefits one of our volunteer fire departments.
Components: Ocean Jasper, Freshwater Pearls, Sterling Silver.

Our Home Show Display

My friend Barbara hosted our home show. We had jewelry tables for a total of 5 different beaders, and an area for our friend Judy who does her own...
Components: The first 2 pictures are of beading jewelry displays, and I am also including the pics of Judy's area. Judy took these pictures, which is why they turned out well. :D

My Jewelry Display Booth

This years shows were so much more successful with my new display. My pieces seemed to pop and many people commented on how beautiful everything...
Components: Natural Stone & driftwood are main components. Balance is very important to me so everything seemed to flow nicely.

Shimmer Chick's Display (in progress)

I have only done a few shows now, but here is a look at what I have come up with so far. Would love some feedback.

Just bought a chalkboard and...