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Follow along with step-by-step beading projects and share your designs with beaders around the world—it’s quick & easy!

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Light box #2

So here is a light box my husband bought on eBay. It has LED lights. You have to plug it in to a USB port on your computer. It’s 8x9. Has a...

Example of a light box for pictures

I don’t know if anyone is interested in how to make a light box. I’m not an expert by any means , but this is working good for me. I made my box...
Components: Poster board- 2 pieces, foam poster board- I used 4 pieces and cut my 5 -22inch squares. packing tape or duck tape, interfacing, they are very easy to make. If you have a thin old sheer curtain, that would work instead of interfacing. I would guess it cost about 20.00.

Market Day

How crazy looking is this? I had a great day . It took 4 hours to set up and one hour to break it all down. From 9-1 it was so busy- so many...
Components: Lots and lots and lots of beads and yes I again think I need to downsize my stash

Advise please

Hi y’all- I need some advise and constructive criticism is welcome. So I had my first show. The second picture is an earring display- it was...
Components: A bunch of earrings, a wreath frame, tie dye silk scarves and pearl lanyard for good measure. FYI the show was very successful. My next one is November.

Holiday shows

The 2 holiday shows that I participated in were successful and exhausting. They were great fun! To my surprise some of the best sellers were the...
Components: A multitude of parts and pieces. Ideas and encouraging words from y’all and of course Lima Beads! Love this store and allowing us to blog!

Show prep

Hi ladies! I’ve been a beading fool for the last couple of months- preparing for a couple of fall craft shows. The above pictures are a sample of...
Components: The crates will have hand painted earrings, lamp work earrings. The deer heads have casual necklaces. The jute trees have dagger earrings. The white tree has garden earrings. The dark tree has Christmas earrings. The bird house will have misc. earrings. Necklaces and bracelets here and there. I’ll have 3 8ft tables. One dedicated to the jewelry chest my husband makes. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Any ideas on how to tie up the corners of the tablecloths?

Studio Display

This is currently how my art studio is set up. I have pottery in my studio as well.

Protect the investment

My husband made this for me for Christmas
Components: Poplar wood and holding of Lima Beads😊

Awesome earring display

My husband came up with this super cool way to display my earrings: Different lengths of twine are tied directly to my tent frame and weighed with...


Some of the jewelry I sold at ConStellation Nebraska this year. It is the sci fi convention I help with. The theme this year was "Octopus' garden"...
Components: Lots of items made by me and my daughter. Hemp cord, African beads, red creek jasper, brass octopus, triangle pendents all from Lima.

strange new worlds

I had a booth at ConStellation. Our local Sci.Fi. convention. It was great fun. My first time back in two years. I think I did pretty good!

Jewelry Holder for the Wall

This is not my deisgn. I followed a DYI from a cool blog.

This was a gift for my niece for...
Components: Wood cut at Home Depot. Hardware.

Christmas Fair Display

The pictures turned out terrible, as I feared: lousy lightning, and me in too much of a hurry to get out of the way to try hard enough. But maybe I...

Some order, please!

Here's a bit of inspiration for those that have slightly too much jewelry, and don't know how to store it (but I'm probably the only one here ;-D...
Components: Weathered plank, twigs, nails (drilled holes for the nails first).

Waiting to be sold :-)

I was cleaning up on the table my jewelry was lying on - and had to remove my pieces. So I put them all on a mannequin.

It looks kinda cool :-)

Dollar Store Earring Display

I needed some inexpensive displays for my earring for a bunch of sales coming up in the next few weeks. I found most of the supplies at the dollar...
Components: Dollar store frames, either stand alone or wall hanging. .5 yards linen look fabric, thin leather lace, mini clothes pins.

Set up at Multi Vendor Store

Jewelry and Suncatchers
Components: Lots of copper!!! :D Gemstones and Glass Lots of pretty beads :D

Spring 2013 Home Show

This was my first home show, held the weekend before Mother's Day. I invited neighbors and friends who have been interested in my jewelry. It was...

New background for my jewelry

OK, so this is not about the jewelry. Today My Husband sourced me a new background to take pictures of my jewelry. What do you think?
I love...
Components: A rock Some Moss Some pebbles A large quartz stone from the lake where we got engaged! A log

Bad Girl Mystic

Inspiration: Yoga Practice & chakra healing
Love: Color . stones . charms . all of it!
Components: sari ribbon charms semi precious gemstones upcycled beads mixed metals joy . love . light

Bead Dangle Design Display

This is my display for all my shows. I love doing indoor shows but in the Spring/Summer I love being out there talking to people and showing them...

My shop display

I was invited to display my jewelry in a store in Waynesville Oh. It's one of those towns known for antiques and hand made items. A huge craft show...

Displays for consigned pieces

Some displays I have made or put together for local shops - consignment displays. Currently for sale at Elements in Jasper, IN and Purple Plum in...

Booth Display- RLMerder Designs

This was my booth design at the last craft show un Huntingburg Indiana

why I'm not getting much jewelry made

My work table has been appropriated by my furry friends.
Components: Ramblin' Dan, Nikolai, beads and tools.

At the Fair

Various pictures of my booth and product at the Ren Fair last year. I'm currently gearing up for this year. The sweet young thing is my very own...

Christmas craft show 2012

This is the mock-up of my display for a craft show in November. I used local fossils as display focal points. This prompted very positive...

Open Hous

I had my first Open House, and though not alot of people came ,I did quite well. I'd like to do it again and add 2 or 3 more crafters. A good time...

Christmas Craft Show (1 and only)

This is my set up for a craft show for the Christmas Season. I did'nt do too bad and my spiders were a great hit. I also made alot of great...

New 8 ft Booth Design

I have an event this weekend on an 8 ft table. Trying to put as much out as possible with out it looking over cluttered. Any thoughts?

My new display

I wanted a really unique look for my shows, something that would really stand out. So I used an antique suitcase, crates, vases, antique doilies,...

Cheap displays

I sell my jewelery at our local flea market. I'm lucky, since I can leave all my stuff there, and don't have to drag it home every week. I have two...
Components: Styrofoam, cloth.

Display boards

These are the displays I made for my necklaces etc, that I use at the flea market I go to. Not having much money, I can't afford the pre-made...
Components: Construction styrofoam, tuck tape, cloth and lace.

Cultus Lake Market

This is my first market of the year.It rained all day,and not many vendors.No sales,but alot of complements. The lady in the picture is my friend,...

Mock Up for Tomorrow's Show

Tomorrow I have a one day, one table art mart show. Normally I have three times this much table space. I've photographed the layout and printed a...
Components: A bunch of stuff.

Southwest Arts Festival

Here I am, last weekend, at the Southwest Arts Festival on the grounds of the Empire Polo Club. There were 300 artists encompassing everything from...
Components: Violet Marie creating a Freshwater Pearl Barrette

Lake Havasu Gem & Mineral Show Display

I was recently at my first Gem & Mineral show....this one in Arizona at Lake Havasu. Turned out to be an extremely productive show. Not only were...

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